All right, broker weekly meetings, so these are meetings that we have on the schedule. Thank you for canceling the already need to take a deep breath before I proceed here. All right. So broker weekly meetings. We have this whole schedule lined out at 52 weeks and all the different meetings that we have on a weekly basis.

If you don’t know Reyes’s, please let us know if you have gone over it since the 1st of January.

Yeah, we’ve been totally doing this. Now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to also go ahead and grab the link to our covid meeting schedule and we will chat that link in to you. So, Omkar, let me go ahead, if you would. I’m going to grab this for you and maybe we go split screen so I can show this off just a little bit. Sorry about that. On the fly throwing things in here. So this is our covid meeting schedule over here. And there’s a link directly related to this item. So we’ll go ahead and we can share that.

So I copy that for you, Omkar. You can check that in however we need to. So you’ll have that meeting schedule all set up. This document here has when the meetings are, who’s meeting, when and how to get to it and all the Zoom links and everything else. So those are all going to be up here, right.

So we have all of the different details on the meetings where the room is, what’s going on and who’s meeting when in office hours and all those different things we have and three different groups. The reason for that is we have people set up into different groups. If you’re unlicenced and know if you’re licensed, but you have it renewed yet. And then if you’ve had your renewal and you consider yourself experienced and ready for a more advanced.

So we have like level one, two and three, so to speak, and we try to gear ourself towards that specific group. So in the higher level group, we’ll go through things a little bit quicker and we’ll refer to it and we’ll expect that things are done on time and we hold you guys to the higher standard.

OK, now there might be some stuff that you need to do to reference a lower a different meeting or there might be a link or we might chat something, something. And but the idea here is that, you know what’s going on if you’re at the highest level.

And I don’t want to say we we can’t afford to invest your time into, like, level one things or level two things. We’re working on level three. So if you feel that you’re not in the right group right now, then go ahead and attend a different group. Right. So if something is is kind of like over your head, then that’s not the right place to be.

So if we happen to be going over different items for that week and you realize that for this particular week, that is over your head. Right. Whatever it happens to be, if we’re talking about a marketing, we’re talking about technology, we’re talking about whatever it is. And you want to move to a different group for that week, totally fine.

Maybe attend two groups. Yeah, perfect. I be totally fine. Yeah. So if you’re, you know, if you want then you can definitely attend like level one and then you can attend level two if you want, if that’s your group, because maybe it takes a little bit more time for you to get it. Yeah. Right. So that’s, that’s OK. I’ll totally fine. I we all have that.

If you can’t make the meeting because of whatever issue then attend a different one. Right. And then you can go back and we have all of the information right in here. We take detailed notes. We have all the links in here so that you can attend another meeting if that’s the case.

OK, so we want to make sure that you do have the opportunity, opportunity to attend. And if your schedule doesn’t permit, please get on another one. Yeah, the rule for it is if you do not attend your meeting and you can’t attend one of the other ones, then you are required to watch this. The whole meeting. We have it all taped. Log right in and watch it right away.

OK, so as soon as you can go ahead and watch it. And any work that is assigned because we’re kind of going through and assigning work each time we’re going through with a fifty two week schedule and it starts at week one with and with certain things that build upon each other. And if we don’t do week one and if we don’t do week to where we miss it and we skip to week three, then there’s certain things we didn’t complete in the challenge we’re starting to get to.

And I know we all get busy, but right now, for the last several weeks, there’s been several things that have not been completed and that’s an issue. So when we get something to a level and it’s not completed, right, we can’t proceed and move on. So at this point, what I’m going to do is from my basic understanding and unless Megan kind of tells me otherwise, I believe we’ve fallen behind overall on.

Agents getting things completed that they need to to be able to move forward, yeah, right. So what we need to do is we need to pause and allow people the proper amount of time to catch up.

Now, this was a new change that we went to this year. And, you know, I think now everybody’s kind of getting in the groove and we do want to give them time to catch up. But let’s talk about the reason that we do it this way, because I think it’s important for people to not look at. I think you can look at it as like, gosh, I’m kind of an independent contractor.

Why do I have to do these certain things? Right. And the reason being is a lot of effort is going in and time is going in to helping you guys, you know, be at tech forward agent and be, you know, have all of these things to brand yourself and market yourself and have you stand out. And that’s what we want. You guys are all amazing. We have the most amazing real estate family. And, you know, I’m I truly believe that.

So what I want to show you guys over here, the whole idea is we started with week one and it built upon itself. So we go back to basics and we talk about like, how do we start your database and how do we grab that information and put it in? Right. So it’s about making sure that you have all your information in there. Then immediately thereafter, there we talk about everything, support, family related.

And that’s one of the big challenges that we’re currently having, is if we stay on task, then everybody does everything at the same cadence. It’s fresh in your mind and it’s easy to execute upon when you fall behind and you ask different questions to catch back up and you ask that question out of sequence. Now, it’s difficult to support and I ultimately want support to be here to assist you in every way possible.

But in the correct sequencing, when we go back and reference things that have already been done that are weeks late, it takes time. Then it takes a lot of time and effort and it’s not done within the office hours. And then it’s it’s really difficult to to start to do be efficient.

That’s how we’re our best, how we can do more business, how we can, you know, gain exposure to ourselves is by doing all of these things. And it’s a way to hold everybody accountable. But, you know, like we said, for support to to run efficiently and smoothly and everything work, then it has to be followed.

So as we go through, the challenges we start to get into is in week three, we planted business seeds for the winter in the winter that will sell in the summer. Right. So we work through the different items and what we want to do and where we want to start doing some marketing. Then we went ahead and optimized our agent pages and social media profiles and places. And it’s a big deal because we need to update it and make sure we have everything correct there.

And then we went through your branding and then we put the branding on our website at Acquisto Real Estate and kind of like had that and went through each of the different places and where your content goes. And then this week we went over your profiles on other company websites like, Ha, Zillow, all these different places.

Now, if you’ve previously done each of the different steps, then this step is actually pretty easy. But the challenge we’re running into is a lot of people didn’t do this step before the step, before the step before. And for that reason, I have to just take a deep breath and we have to look here. So I postponed the next two weekly meetings.

The same because the spring break has nothing at all. I just on it and I put it in yellow and I postponed those items because I felt like a lot of people had fallen behind. And what I didn’t want to do is move, continue to move on. And with doing that, have everybody way off kilter and creative problem solvers pause. Are the postponement of these for the two weeks is to allow

everybody to go back and fully catch up and get to where they need to. We’re on an annual calendar and we’re doing all these things for the whole year because as we get further in, if we don’t have these done and we can’t continue to move forward into higher level things throughout the calendar year. Right. So this is my sincere request.

For everybody to please catch up, get back on cadence and let this happen. Now, I don’t want to if anyone is currently completed with all their items. Right. And you as an agent want to continue to get some time. I personally want to take that time with you. Yes. I want to make it available for you. But what I don’t want to do is move on and leave people behind. Right. And have this whole issue. And especially we had a real weather week this week, so this was a there’s things to it.

But this has been going on for the last couple of weeks, we’ve noticed. Yes. So if you’re fully on task and you’re ready and you want some more time, I am one hundred percent here for you. But I do want to have people

Be able to catch up. Yes. And in the same regard, if you need to catch up a little bit and you’re running into something that doesn’t make sense and you’re struggling with, we also want to kind of address that in the next couple of weeks so we can make sure that everybody is up to speed. And, you know, I keep saying this, but to brand yourself, it takes a long time to build that right.

Doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes a long time. And we have to start that, you know, especially if you’re newer or if you’ve been around a while and you’re just not really into video and social media and all of that, we want to get everybody on the same playing field.

Now, you do have an opportunity to catch up because we still have one more urgent meeting for the week. So if you missed anything earlier this week and you want to catch up and you want to go ahead and show each of these different things that you like, you’re on pace and you want to move forward, then there is another meeting tomorrow. So we’ll still have that one at the normal time. We’ll go split screen if we could, Omkar.

Hopefully everybody has their power back up.  And and these for us recognize that and know it’s super challenging. It’s really difficult. I want you to also have the money for your family and the income and there’s stuff to it. That’s why I care so much.

Thursday at 10:00 is the next one, and that is for unlicensed in new agents. OK, so you can jump in there. Now, all the other ones, all these folks are in here. Right. And all you have to do is jump to any one of these different tabs and then you’ll go down and you’ll see all of the nodes, the links to the recording, everything that went on in here. Right. That’s a lot of information.

And if you guys follow this, if you truly follow this, this time next year, you’re going to see a difference. Mm hmm.

You totally will. Definitely. Definitely will. And like the easiest way can show this. I did this the other day and I could not believe that what I was showing off is I put in Mike Acquisto and that’s my name. And then I put it in Montana. Yeah. So I just put the state of Montana and my Carquest. So I think I have an extra space in there and watch what we get back when I go ahead and do this and click on just the word images.

What you’re going to see is there is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven items that are now related to the words Mike Aquisto in Montana. Those words never existed prior today. We also are showing that adequate to real estate, top dotcom, these videos are ranking both of these here. OK, this is really, really impressive. And what it comes down to is the fact that we started on something. Yeah. And it takes a period of time.

That’s for each you what’s going on behind the scenes and I want the same thing for everybody for every different search word that we’re working on. Right. Because there’s no reason that we would rank for any one of those if we didn’t start on it. And I want the same thing. Right. I want it to be Mike Shepherd, best realtor in Walnut Grove. Yeah, OK. No, no, I want that right now. So I want we know I we do. I really do. We really sell it. Right. And whatever these words are that are important to you.

Best realtor in McKinney who’s going to go ahead and claim that one. Right. Is there anyone that McKinney, Texas is important to that they want to sell more properties, maybe one or two. Right. So do this. Yes.

You guys, please. Great. But if you’re not doing these things, who knows? You’re great. We have to. We have to. Enough to spread the love.

Yes, we also want you to be able to invite others. So that’s a key thing as well, whether they’re with us or whatever, just go ahead and invite people if they’re not licensed to invite them to the unlicenced meeting. The whole ideas, like if you know anyone that’s like, hey, I might get licensed in the future, right. Then invite them to TNT, go ahead and invite them to the industry.

That’s a whole second part of this is caring about what you do. And don’t look at our business as a competition. Look at it as if you want to help. Right. You want everybody to be great because that brings our whole industry up.

Yeah. All right. So I think that’s good. And we want it to be more interactive and time out for two weeks.

Is it? Well, I just want to see these things completely, OK? I think it’s in their best interest. It’s not none of this is about me. Well, I know it’s all about trying to help you as the agent and by doing this and stopping and just saying, like, hey, this is important we care about. When I do that, I think now it’ll become apparent if I continue to allow this to kind of happen in this slide to go on, then it affects everybody in it. It’s a challenge, right? The same thing.

Think about this from your own perspective and think like, oh, when your kids were in school, if you saw them falling behind, what would you do as a parent? Not that I’m right. I’m not taking that role, but I do care.

And, you know, in the same sense, if you’re if you’re a teacher and you have all of your kids right in the classroom and you see the two that are, you know, a couple people that have to start trying, they show up, they don’t have their homework done. All that. That’s frustrating, right? You’re trying to help them. Yeah. All right. They just do that.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.17.21

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