Broken Bow Rentals is at a cool place to be, I think so, but why has it? Pass the opportunity of coming in as an investor.

Oh, well, that’s not the exact thing that I wanted to go over. Oh, so I’m Mike and this is Shana Acquisto Real Estate brokers and co-owners of Acquisto Real Estate. And there’s just crazy demand in Broken Bow. So what what’s going on? Why how should I do this? Can I visit? Let’s look at each of those questions and more.

Right now, let’s go ahead and share this screen off for us and chat this link in for everybody here. And this is just what I want to show you. I’m going to take you control the mouse here for a moment and show you guys something. I was taking a look at this and I was like, damn, Daniel, what? This is a lot of checkmark, a lot of checkboxes. So when I see this, it just gets me thinking there’s something going on here. We need to be a part of it, that’s all. Laughing I don’t know, but that’s a lot of bookings.

Yeah. So you need to explain what this is. What this what Broken Bow is. Well, you have these bookings, but what are the bookings for?

Very good. So this is reservations for a specific place in Broken Bow and this is the reservation system in. This happens to be the booking page for cabins. So if you look across the lines, it’ll have like here’s a cabin and here’s the dates when it happens to be available and here’s when it’s booked. So the check mark is saying that this particular cabin is booked and I’m looking through and I’m like, there’s a lot of cabins. And as I’m looking through, people are renting them for a different amount of time.

So we have this property here in particular, and here is the days it’s booked and you look through and that’s impressive. Yeah, that’s a lovely chalet is booked every day. It’s amazing, right? That’s a lot like this one. New room number three. This one apparently is available. You can stay in new room three, whatever that is. Maybe it’s not actually who knows what’s going on here. But as a scroll down, I’m just like, wow, that’s a lot of action. New property. So that’s one you can stay at, apparently.

Can I stay at the New York group? But they’re all it is amazing. I don’t know what the exact booking rate is here, but it seems to be impressive and there’s a lot of properties. So I would need to do a count and see exactly how many properties and see what’s going on here. But there is a lot of them.

So we went one weekend, we did a a Questo real estate retreat. It was just Mike and I, we did a retreat and we did like business planning. And we did this last year and it was a lot of fun. And we stayed in this. We actually knew a realtor. I think we talked about it before, but we knew a realtor, an actual independent broker like us and her and her husband invested in one and renovated it.

And she wanted people to this was her first one to ever renovate. And she asked us if we wanted to go and take a look at it and stay there. So we did. And it was so much fun and really nice. It’s not that far. A little over two hours, I would say. Yeah. To get there. I think it might be a touch longer, maybe a little longer distance, but you can map it. But it’s really nice. It feels like you’ve been you know, you’re really in the middle of nowhere. They do have a couple of little restaurants and a winery there and we went kayaking.

OK, so, you know, there’s some activities to do and it’s just a really nice getaway that you really feel like you’re getting away. So I encourage if you haven’t experienced Broken Bow, it’s not that far. And it’s a great thing for you as an agent to go and experience. So you can talk about it with clients and refer when, you know, now I’m covered. There’s a lot of staycation that people are doing. So you can recommend it and say when we were there, you know how we talk about how we do things, then you can really speak to them with the experience.

So and, you know, I’ve watched pricing. I’m assuming pricing is because of demand. And this is a classic example. We just happened to pick out one picture. But this is kind of like what it is. Right. And it might be for a couple of families to go together and be able to go extended people to be able to get together, real estate office or real estate. I don’t know that I’m going that far. It is a nice place. I do enjoy it there and broken. But it does have two things in it. We’ve been up there, we enjoy it.

People are spending money there and there’s a reason for it. Maybe it’s the covid effect. Maybe it’s the fact that people want something just a little bit more affordable. Maybe they don’t want a hotel room. So a hotel rooms and hotel rentals are down. Right. If you look at the occupancy of hotels, they’re down and things have changed. I believe the covid effect is definitely moving this, but the meter is definitely moving way before. So maybe it’s accelerating and the meter.

And is that a fair way? You know, if you think about when our boys were really young and we couldn’t really afford to go on a long vacation, this would have been perfect. We didn’t we didn’t know about it.

Yeah, so now we’re a little bit smarter, so take a look, take a look at Broken Ball, but see the demand that’s going on there. I haven’t looked past that, but that’s intense, insane demand. And we need to find another place to do something like this. Wouldn’t it be interesting to do this same thing?

But in our closer, do you ever think about just finding the next new late, like, greatest opportunity, the next greatest opportunity? I’d be cool.

So we’ll keep looking for you guys and just like, look really, really hard. Yeah, we’re on it. It would be good if we found something maybe up like, I don’t know. This goes out my casino that goes out seventy five.

Right. So maybe pick the opposite one and let’s go north on thirty five. All right. And make it closer. Yeah. Let’s do it already. Sounds good. See if we can’t make that happen, ladies and gentlemen, study Broken Bow. That’s it, it’s done.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.4.21

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