Broadband for all by 2030

Broadband for all 2030, well, all all the U.S., that’s really crazy, there’s a lot of really remote places and does everybody get broadband?

I have a link for you here and some information about it, but I want to just have a discussion about this and what it means from a real estate perspective. So we’ll be chatting in that link here in just a second, and we’re going to go ahead and show the screen here.

Thank you, Omkar. And as we go down, White House wants universal broadband by 20 30, but funding could take a little bit of time, but let’s kind of discuss what this would mean. Right.

So if you’re going to have broadband for all what essentially it’s going to do is allow people to live in many, many different places.

Right? Kind of like we saw with the virus that went on, that we were all able to kind of disperse all over and it dramatically changed the way that real estate was and what people wanted and what they desired because they could work remotely while they’re still constraints on it because we don’t have a great internet access in certain locations.

For example, we’re having a very difficult time up in McKinney at the property there because we don’t have what we would call suitable internet that we could operate our home office from at that property.

So it’s slowing us down on what we would like to do and giving us pause to wait for said infrastructure to come in because internet is a very important resource if you’re going to locate to a property.

So if we have something like this, go on does if and when something like this goes on, how dramatically does it change things, right? Just think even where we are, it’s not that rural to go to a lot of different places. Like a lot of North McKinney. You can go up to Sherman, you start going to Denison, you go out, you go up, you know, closer to Oklahoma and you go to these different places.

And there’s a lot of space, a lot of space. And how do we get broadband for all into those locations? But if you had a choice and you could maybe live at Broken Bow Oklahoma and have great internet in some of the more remote locations there, would that be more appealing? Would you be more likely to buy a property? There are these things interesting and how does it impact real estate?

So broadband for all? I think it’s something that will be kind of coming towards us. I think that it’s a it’s a basic service. That is a utility that I believe might be. I don’t know if you start looking at it, is it a is it a right to have great broadband or at least have access to it in other and all locations?

So, you know, as our government is doing infrastructure projects and they’re building roads, bridges, highways, is this the same type of thing that putting in suitable internet and locations? Is that important? I don’t know. I kind of think it’s a big deal and it would dramatically change what’s going on with real estate.

I think you’d see a lot of places kind of get left behind and then re gentrified and rebuilt, but I think you’d see a lot of new places starting to get expanded upon in conservation in those places become even more important to protect what we currently have.

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