Good morning, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners, of Acquisto Real Estate. We’re here to talk about Bridge Creek Shores. So this is a custom community that is on Lake Lewisville. Very good. Thanks for helping me out there. And this this community has several homes that are now recently released, their  home sites, not homes.

And they have proposed properties on them that you could that you could construct. So without further ado, we’re going to go ahead and show some information on this. Omkar is going to split the screen, if you could, and put this on there and show off for each creature’s. All right, so if you want some real time updates, go ahead and put that in. They have breaking news all the time, apparently. So if you need to, then you can put your email address in there. And then as we look at this and scroll down just a little bit, this is on Lake Loserville.

And if you see, they have a lot of water there and then there’s amenities and you can take a look inside and you can watch a video all about this place. But this is it’s not waterfront. I think it’s Waterview, the ones that are left. And with Lake Lewisville, they’re pulled back just a little bit on the water.

And we’re going to be going out to take a look at them soon. Oh, perfect. Could be scroll down just a little bit more. We’re going to be able to see the available logs that they have and how they’ve solved quite a few. They certainly have. I don’t want to call them locks. I want to call them homesites. It sounds much, much better.

And then what they have, if the ones that are facing the water have sold and the ones that are kind of in the back facing the opposite direction have not yet. And they just released them. They can strategically releasing them over time. And if we go to realtor dot com, we’re going to see how they’re listing these for sales, will click on the next link that we have.

These links will be traded down below in the descriptions. You can see those if you want to play along a little bit later on. So here we have a photo taken from somebody’s cell phone with low definition, and that happens to have at one point eight million dollars.

And what they have here on this property is it’s three hundred and eighty dollars a square foot. When it’s all completed. They’re looking at a five thousand square foot home upon completion on a half acre home site that is proposed to be five beds, five and a half baths in to be kind of in second position looking towards the lake. There are some amenities that they have here at this property.

They could go ahead and complete for you. Right. So the idea with this, if we look maybe at the next slide here, there’s if we slide in the next photo, they have that slide or arrow car. Read my mind and they’re showing off. Oh, just another picture of what the home sites kind of look like down below. I mean, that’s beautiful.

Yeah. You know, like property. So what I wanted to bring up if we go back on this one, maybe just a little bit to just to just just the two of us.

And we go back to just seeing Sean and myself are we’ll give this a little bit of an overview, so what I’m seeing here, ladies and gentlemen, this is this is a to be built community and I’m starting to see more of this and it feels like it’s becoming more commonplace. And I like the idea of people throwing out designs and elevations of what the properties could potentially be like. If you go back to that home to the to the website in your own free time, then what you’ll see is there’s the option to start to look at what sample properties look like and what it’s going to be.

But they’re putting out there how much it’s going to run you. So if you’re going through, this is going to be a custom home. It’s going to take a little bit longer than a traditional production builder. But you’re going to get something unique. If you look on realtor dotcom and you can Zillow, you’re starting to see that a lot more of the home builders are starting to put out proposed properties, that there’s going to be one renderings. You see that it helps at Kingswood, a lot of what it looked like.

And then it was interesting. What they seem to be doing is taking these and putting these proposed sets of plans out there. If you like them and you can work with them where you continue to customize them and get towards the thing that you want.

So if you’re having a difficult time in a normal neighborhood, traditionally getting something done, then this is something that you might consider. And maybe when you two are home site and when you tour stuff on Friday with me at noon, when it’s bring your own lunch, then maybe you will see something else that you have along the same type of lines.

So do you have anything else you’d like to add about? Well, I think there you know, we’re starting to see a shift in real estate, in my opinion.

And I think buyers want something different and unique, but they don’t have you know, it’s overwhelming. They don’t have the time. And, you know, they think that going moving forward with a custom home, where do I even start?

So when a builder kind of skips those steps, you know, I thought it was interesting years ago when we saw this that it was a two to three million dollar property and they had it all complete. No changes. This is how it is. And they were flying off the shelves because, you know, and I thought man had a custom home.

Someone’s going to want to come in and build it and have their input, but. People love that because they don’t have the time and if they see something that’s super nice and timeless and not super trendy and different than what you see out there, I think I’ll go with that. So I expect to see more of that.
And one last thing.

If we go back to the Bridge Creek Shores website that we had just shown just a moment ago and split screen for us, then what I want to do is give some accolades to the people that are working on this project, in particular, if they have their names right there.

So we just hold that up for us. I’m a part of this. And so if we take a look and scroll down, I think more if we go all the way down the bottom, it has some of the information about its project done between these couple of different people. So I’m switching back and forth, I’m giving them a lot of stuff to be to be working on here. Yeah, so here are some of the different people. Learn more about the team. Yeah, we scroll up just a little bit higher.

We have. Yes, there we go. We have Jim Scotton son. We have. Who else do we have on the team. Three decades of building BB at Maverick Builders Jim Scott and Scott, sons, sons, builder, self-made, all homes. Right.

We’re starting to see a lot of sell. There is Rogers Healey and Rogers Sealy.

I don’t see him on here, but I know he was a part of this.

Maybe he invested. I’m not sure. Maybe his people are trying to sell it. That would be good. But there are some some different stuff going on here. Right. So now you guys have seen some of the people associated with this look like fine individuals in the photos that they posted online.

If anyone knows more about them than chatting online and tell us what you think about this project or others like other past projects, some of the different homes that they built in different neighborhoods. And it’s for you to explore, I think, going to be going out there and looking at things maybe on Wednesday or Thursday of this week when we get back. So if anyone wants to tag along, send me an email and we can do that as well. Send me an email. Right, Shana Cinema. All right. In that TAIEX completed Charna Day.

And off we go, let’s go to the next topic, Omkar, and we’re going to merch store Monday.

Who’s excited about this? Thank you to Meghan for going ahead and showing this off to us. An idea from you have an idea for Meghan. Yes. You want to put some new stuff in the store to talk to her about it. All right. Now, off we go to merch store Monday. Hmm, no problem, it’s just taking an extra second.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.1.21

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