Breckenridge Real Estate – Hey, so we’re in Breckenridge. I’m like, I’m Shana, and it’s good to know who you are and that’s why we’re here.

That’s why I’m wearing this hat, right. Because they just wanted you to know that I’m in Breckenridge and I have on it. Yeah, it is cold and it seems to get colder all the time. It seems like it’s going to get warmer at some point and all of a sudden you realize that your feet are freezing again. So we’ll struggle through it. But we did learn a lot about the local real estate. So the topic that we’re talking about here is Breckenridge real estate and what’s currently going on within that market.

And, you know, it’s, again, one of those same exact phenomenons that we’re seeing in all of these disparate locations, especially where they’re kind of vacation destinations, is that people are coming in here and buying this real estate up. And there’s virtually no real estate left right. The market is like no available listings. And we’re going to show off here, you know, a picture of some of the homes here. So you have an idea. But, you know, you walk down the road and you’re able to grab, like one of these magazines and you’re able to look at the prices and see what’s going on.

So that’s one of those things that I did. I walked through and I picked this up and I compared with what I saw previously and then that was just. I don’t know, maybe not enough information, so we talked to some locals and we talked to the manager of a local Italian restaurant last night and we asked him about it and he said homes are just flying off the market the same as, you know, almost anywhere else. And just prices are going through the roof and it’s difficult to find and all those same things are happening here.

So but something that we’ve heard is the local displacement.

That’s actually the next topic. That’s a separate topic. Oh, yes.

Breckenridge Real Estate

So we’re just specifically right now. Sorry, I’m talking about about Brackenridge Real Estate and how the prices are just going up like crazy. And I wanted to underline how these things are happening and kind of why they’re happening. It comes back to all the work from home type things and the availability of people to be able to be wherever they want to be.

And people have you know, it’s a lifestyle I decided definitely was, hey, where do we go on vacation that we love? We can just move there.

Yeah. And specifically, you know, this gentleman had put together a search and he says, I want to move and I want to go to a very specific location. And that was how we picked this area out. And there’s been tons of people moving here throughout all of covid. And it just continues to be that trend when you have a choice, right. You generally choose to be in a great location. And that, again, is happening. Prices are going up. They can’t keep up with things they have that they claim three hundred days a year of sunshine. So that’s really impressive. The base elevation here for the ski resort is ninety six hundred feet.

So that’s pretty high, actually extremely high. And then all the way when you get all the way up to the top, I think the peak, the top left goes up to twelve thousand eight hundred feet. So it goes way up there and people just really like it. They have outdoors, they have tons of skiing, they have tons of stuff right now, summer and all seasons.

Here it is. And he did mention that people coming for the summer is more than the winters.

There you go. So, again, one of those same things with it going up, whether it’s happens to be Wyoming in Cody, Wyoming, whether it happens to be Montana, whether it happens to be Colorado, those same phenomenons are continuing to hold and homes are just in really, really short supply everywhere. It really kind of seems that way. And I don’t know where they’re all coming from.

So imagine this, right? If. Like all these places have no homes that people can buy, but where are these people coming from? Are they buying like second, third homes? Like what’s really happening here? It’s kind of tough to follow that so many locations have no homes left. People are moving out of apartments, I’m not really sure, but this is a trend that we’re seeing nationwide. And if we want to remind you that if you happen to have this, a great time to talk about.

Maybe not, that’s a topic that we’ll save for later on. No, I’m sorry, I think I was going to walk into the next topic accidentally, and I probably shouldn’t do that now. So let’s go ahead and just say that it’s a nice place here.

Yes, it’s beautiful. You haven’t had a chance to ever visit Breckenridge. I highly recommend it. It’s one of our favorite places. Very good. I already said it, I believe we’re going to do home price affordability, it is surely a problem.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.2.21

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