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Hello, everyone. I’m excited to join you again this morning on TNT, and my topic that I wanted to discuss is branding, and I wanted to ask you how your branding journey is going. So I understand that each and every one of you have a different journey currently going on your branding.

Some have branding completely done and are on their way, whereas others are still kind of at the beginning and formulating ideas and plans to get their brand off the ground. So let’s discuss different ways in branding yourself and gaining more business from building your brand.

So the first thing to think about in the journey of branding is what you stand for as a person and how that transfers over to your brand. What are the top three items that you consider for yourself in your personal brand? Have you defined those? Have you actually sat down, brainstormed and written them down or typed them up? However you are, whether you like pen and paper or digital on your computer.

But nonetheless, how are you conveying yourself into your personal brand? So top three things with your personal brand to some ideas may be being authentic. That’s really important because you want to be authentic and relatable to try to capture more audience.

Correct. And be able to relate to everybody, not just some people. So how are you being authentic and relatable? What are you conveying with your brand? Are you showing showcasing when you’re out and about what a day in the life of you looks like? Are you showing social proof of home inspections offers, written closing days? All of the different things that go into real estate.

Are you showing your daily activities off to anybody and everybody that’s looking at you on social media channels? If you went right now and looked at whichever your preferred communication is, if you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, say Instagram and you check your Instagram grid, what does that convey to somebody just looking at you for the first time online?

Are you authentic? Are you true to yourself or are you relatable? Are you showcasing which niches you are wanting to focus on? Are you showcasing your successes? What you do on a daily basis? How does your brand influence what you do on a daily basis? These are all different elements that go into building your brand, maintaining it and expanding it.

Obviously, we want your personal brand to grow over time, and we want you in your business to grow over time by building your personal brand. So let’s think more about different ways to build your personal brand. Have you established hashtags? Are you currently using those in your brand? Have you established a tagline? How are you integrating the tagline into your brand?

Are you putting it within the text on a caption? Are you creating graphics? Are you creating videos? Are you showing the face of your brand? Do you know who the face of your brand is? If somebody looks you up online, are they able to see you as the face of your brand? You are just as important as your brand.

And even more so important. So being the face in front of the camera, whether it’s a stills image or as a video, if you’re comfortable doing video, that’s the face of your brand. How are you showcasing yourself as your brand? We can work on graphics all day long and change your brand in many different ways, and it still won’t appeal to everybody and anybody that’s out there. Right. So how are you as a person appealing to anybody and everybody out there? Not just that brand logo that’s developed or the tagline. Different things to think about as you continue to grow your brand. The more consistent that you are, the better your brand kit.

So are you being consistent in posting on social media? Are you there? Are you networking with others on social media? Are you sending direct messages or are you making comments? Are you setting aside a time each day? Like when were right before TNT to comment and like and engage with your audience? Do you feel your audience is growing over time?

Are you watching the statistics on your social channels? Are you gaining more followers, likes, comments, all of those different elements on your various channels, who you are as important and who your brand is as important? But you need to make sure they’re one in the same, that you’re branding yourself as your brand.

Your brand always stays. Your brokerage may change, but your brand always stays. So we want to help you really focus on building up your brand, your sphere of influence, and hopefully gaining more referrals from your sphere of influence, seeing different tips and tricks that you may put out on social media. You want to be a magnetic personal brand.

And real estate is built on real people and real estate and being real. So how can you be real in everything that you do for what you’re putting out online? And it’s not only online. What are you doing offline? There are so many different ways to brand yourself. I know in our agent workshops we’ve gone through a whole variety of different things from farming, ways that we can brand you on video, open houses, your listings, listing presentations, all of those different elements can all incorporate your brand in them.

So trying to think of also print materials that if you have special homei anniversary cards done or note cards, all of those different items can be part of your brand and who you are. So hopefully this gives you some tips on branding. And I’m always happy to discuss further with you and work on helping you build your brand.

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