BnB cautions when traveling, when you’re staying in a vacation rental property for a short term rental and all of a sudden some things come up. That’s Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker. People talk to her about things that happen all the time. They give her the down low. We do a lot of transactions all the time. There’s things that come up. So she wants to tell me some of these.

Ok, so when you’re planning your travel this summer and you book this perfect Airbnb and you’re super excited to go, and then what happens if right before your trip might get a message that, oh, we sold the property, whoa, how did you even know this was a thing? Well, that’s cool.

They say that they sold it. Congratulations. Now, you don’t have a place to stay. Oh, and as we’ve seen across the whole country, there is a shortage and a demand. Right. There’s a supply and demand issue for these vacation properties. So just a little tip to please be careful, because if that happens, you could be stuck without a home.

This home that we’re in is a result of that happening. So our friends had this booked months in advance, had a property booked months in advance, and that happened. They decided to sell the property, sold it. And I got a notice that, sorry, you’re going to have to find another property. Fortunately, they were able to find this one, but there is nothing available in this town. So I feel very fortunate that they got on it quickly and was able to get one secured. Hmm. So you just need to be careful with that.

Yeah. So I guess the question I would simply ask is, is the property currently on the market? Right. That’s at least a question. But when you book it, they could put it on the market and sell it. And like all these things in this time in between now, can they legally do that? I don’t know the answer. Do they actually have to transfer that stuff over? Because if they have a lease with somebody else, then that’s supposed to convey with the property in the

In Short term, it could be totally different. And there are rules and guidelines in there. So I suggest that you read the fine print.

Yeah, but are you going to do that or are you going to actually, like, Sue and like go through this? What you have is, you know, what happened is you just had a problem and you want to avoid it. Right. And it’s most likely not a huge financial item. And is it really actionable or whatever? Those are all different, different things to kind of work work through. But just to notice you’re not majorly inconvenienced,

Would you be willing to share, you know, other things to chat about is does this place have air conditioning really crazy? Are all the rooms air conditioning just off? Just some just

One in our home town. Right. And it’s pretty common here. Doesn’t mean it’s common elsewhere. No. And you know, what we’ve experienced is the whole northern part of the country is experiencing extreme heat conditions and temperatures. We heard Death Valley was one hundred and thirty degrees. Wow. One hundred and thirty degrees. But where we are, it’s extremely hot. There’s a shortage of water. You can’t go anywhere. No, there’s no water shortage. Think about that. Yeah.

Cases of water all gone can’t get them.

And when you go into a convenience store or a grocery store, they’re gone as well. So it’s really difficult to find water. So just those things that, you know, you think. It should just come with the property you might want to double check, because they don’t always it’s not always the case. Check your amenities. Very good, Shana. That was a great topic to move on.

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