Blast Off Update

Good morning, everyone. Next week is our blast off, and then this is an event going to be happening at the Plano Event Center.

I’m going to have a car pull this over. We’ve talked about it before. There’s some great topics there, you guys. It’s a full day of just various topics and learning.

They do it every year, CCAR, and it’s really good to just kind of get back into the groove. Start your new year. They have economic forecasts. They talk about upcoming changes and new things and a lot of learning. I think it’s great. There’s one event that our topic that was attraction marketing how to gain people’s attention. I think that will be, you know, a really good topic.

I’m excited about that one. There’s tax protest economic forecasts that we talked about. We talked about Kelly Milligan. He delivers a great message every year about his economic forecast. And so he’s going to be there. So if you, you haven’t heard of him, you should. And then Leslie Ruta Smith, she’s the NAR president who is a CCAR member. She is going to be there and she’s going to talk a little bit about how to get involved.

We’re going to talk about diversity and how to unite your diversity. I love that and then reengage, reignite and reunite and ignite and unite. It’s kind of confusing. So anyway, before this didn’t offer, you know, you could come, and it’s a long day, nine to four. No see was offered.

But now they have S.E. offered with this. So you’re going to have to follow the same guidelines of being present, being in your seat. You’re not going to be able to come in and out if you want the credit. If you don’t need the credit, it’s fine. But if you have not registered and you want to go, I know a few of us are going from the office.

If you would like to, I think there’s 40 seats left. That was yesterday or the day before, so you guys can go in and register for this, and I think you would really enjoy it if you haven’t been just lots of great information kind of chopped up into different segments.

So it’s not a, you know, it is a long day, but you get totally different topics, which makes it very interesting. Then you have lunch. So if you’re planning to go, let me know. I’d love to see all of you guys there. I think it’s a great event. All right.

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