Bill of Sale

Ok, you guys, we have a word of the day, and today’s word of the day is bill of sale. Do you know that we do this kind of like we have a word of the day every day and we talk about it and then we utilize it in a sentence. OK, and so we’re just trying to educate, all right, trying to do more educate. OK, so Bill of Sale and I do not have the dictionary, I’m so sorry.

Do you know it off the top? What do you say next? OK, so. All right, so here we go, bill of sale, Bill of Sale is a written document that transfers title to personal property, for example, when selling an automobile to acquire funds which will be used as a source of down payment or for closing costs. The lender will use usually require the bill of sale in addition to other items to help document this source of funds.

OK, so I don’t know, I think of Bill of Sale as a car, I don’t know. I know they said automobile in here as well, but do you have a cent would you like to be put on the spot and use bill of sale in a sentence?

My wife is a manager of a title company in the Metroplex. I’ve heard her mention the bill of sale before, but I have never had heard of it. OK, can I take the easy way out?

That’s a great use. Bill of Sale And Kaner, can you use it in a in a sentence that’s more educated than me?

You know, I’ll say that when in real estate we hear this a lot. And I actually when I was recently in California, they utilise that a lot, a bill of sale for furnishings and things like that. OK, here we use like a non realty item addendum. It’s a little different, but yeah, I guess that when we went. I’ll say this, Blake purchased a car from me and when he went to transfer. Title title, we utilize the bill of sale to show proof of purchase. Ok, I don’t know what that’s that’s good. You took the definition and you use the example that I like that. OK, one 100 today for you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.23.21

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