Hey there, do you work from home? We do, I do. I’m a realtor. What do you. I’m a realtor as well.  Actually, I’m not. I take that back. I’m a real estate broker. I’m not technically a realtor.

I’m a realtor. And I really think it’s a totally a long story. Don’t get lost in it. I am licensed. I am a broker. And when your like yes, and we love who we love Home Office saying, OK, it’s like

Honestly we do, we hear it all the time, like, how do you work with your spouse?

But no, I think there are two of the best words when you combine them together home and office and like this, and then you cut out other things like Commute’s wait times drives congestion,

Rent lease, Lease space, a lot of expenses, Huge expenses. And then things you get back like your time, right? Like who doesn’t like that? My commute is like, I don’t know, from the coffee machine to like the desk. It’s at least five steps.

You know what’s really cool, you guys? And I don’t know if you guys are aware of this, but we used to have triple office, so we had Mike, Shana and Amy, Amy Gasperini.

So she appropriate one happy office.
Yes, it was great. I was very sad when she decided to have kids and and move on.

And no, she didn’t move until she moved home.

She relocated her home office for triple to a single.

So ladies and gentlemen, we like the Home Office. What we’re going to do now is show off some of them. So we have a link that we’re going to chat in here. We can have Omkar split the screen and bring it up for us, if you would, sir. And let’s just kind of take a deep dive through here. I’m going to take control the mouse. If you would, stand over here and kind of walk us through some of the Home Office is that we see we’re going to talk about what we like, what we don’t like. That kind of goes into them. Right? This one in particular showed up there.

Yeah, it was one of my actually I really liked this this like that. And I’ll tell you why, because if you have a space, if you have a client that has this odd space that’s just not being utilized properly, that was a great, great way to transform a closet into an office, especially if they don’t have one, because at this point in time, I think everybody wants one. And those doors are pretty cool.

I like this. It’s interesting, Right? Is I mean, you’re in there kind of tucked away and no windows. But the fact that you have a desk that you can office and close it off and not have all of your papers and and things exposed, I think is really clever.

Now, you know, what else I think is clever is I’m thinking with this person actually has is a green screen on the back of the door. So when they shut the door in there in this the world’s tiniest space and the green screen is literally right behind their head.

And where’s the camera?  

The camera, it’s on their laptop that they bring her. Right. And I’m thinking that they have a green screen and while no lights, because they’re tiny, tiny cubby, but they close it and it’s just soundproof in there. They’re in the zone. Yeah, I’m just focused doing things, do things. All right. So anyways, that’s one home office. This is if you’re super stuffy, raise your hand. If you’re super stuffing like that, nobody.

Ok, I don’t know. You move so fast, we can’t say, oh, who likes this color blue? Is the blue color still a thing? I know the Navy was kind of in there for a while. Navy in the gold. Mm hmm. Is it a timeless look? We’re asking this for us. OK, let’s be honest.  

No, not we’re covering it because Double Home Office is definitely a thing. It is really a thing.  

All right. What do you see here, man?
I like this. I like the doors that go in. It just seems like I only see one desk.

They’re not all they’re not all double. I like the concept of double doors. There are double doors walking in, so I like how you can see in. It’s a big part of what I what I really like about our home office is we can see things but not necessarily participate in kind of here but like not but. Right. So there’s there’s something to that. Yeah I do like that too.

Like the ceiling in here, I’m OK with the buildings. Hmm. Right.

So because really, Jack, don’t make a difference. Right? Because that could be a traditional home and they put those modern doors on it and change the whole feel of it.

So who likes a couch in the office? I like the idea. Yeah, all right, couches in who wants to home office and have a bed right next to them, I don’t think that’s an

Office, isn’t it? Well, there’s a desk there seems more like a yeah. Do you want see that again? Yeah, that’s just heavy wood and table, it’s maybe like a conference room. Yeah, some of these necessarily. All right. So tell me.

I mean, if you have to work from home and, you know, this would be a perfect office for Hannah because her boy, she’s got three boys and they could totally be up there in that net like Stephanie.

And what if you have grandkids that are coming over?

Yeah, look how I don’t know how you’d be working if they’re up there, but I think that’s pretty cool. 

Yeah, it looks like a really creative and artistic space, like you have room for your ideas to expand and go. That’s what they kind of look for in this type of space. And as you can see down here at the bottom, this is actually probably a set of plans. So maybe they’re an architect or something along those lines. Right? We hope we’re not offices in the bathroom. If you have a bad office set up and you’re currently Home Office ing out of your bathroom, please check

Because we Call it we will help you move. Need to move. Sean will personally be your agent if your home office is in a bathroom, specifically a bathtub.

Is that would that be a bad place to work?  
Yeah, it would be a horrible OK. What about the Home Office that has has an animal trophies in it, a fan or not a fan,

Not a fan? All right, Chat Now, if you’ve had to list a home for sale and there’s been trophy heads in that in the Home Office or anywhere in the home, and you’re like, hey, we’re going to have to remove that before we lose the home. And you’re like, no. Yeah.

What do you do? That would be a great topic for pets, a topic like some things that you feel people should remove and don’t.

Omkar, make a note for us, please, because I’m going to forget it. All right, so anyways, we talk about home office as we talked about good ones, we saw some bad ones and and how you create space. You don’t have an office. It’s really a necessity. If you have someone selling and they don’t have a workspace in some capacity, then. It could be an issue

While we’re back in this home office is nice. Now, this one has computers facing each other. How do you feel about that? Would you like to be in a classroom

Now that, you know, like, no, there’s no wall in the limo and you can just be raising. That would be cool if we’re right there and we can look at each other, but then. You can like we’re in a limo or something. Yeah, like I got to take because you don’t want to hear me. No, no. At least you didn’t say you could block me so you couldn’t see me. You have she watch my phone calls and, you know, I’ll never, never, never, never, ever do anything like that, we get along. All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. And we’re going to end this topic.

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