Best Screen Capture for Realtors- All right, so here we are, we went to that one quickly, the best screen capture app for realtors. And so what this comes down to is the availability for you as an agent to be able to take your screen and share what’s currently going on in the screen and capture it and be able to, like, mark it up and say, like, this is what I want.

So this is really helpful when you’re kind of trying to work with maybe a designer, when you’re trying to lay something out a little bit better. We do have Zoho and a tape that comes with it, but we’re talking that comes free or included with your Zoho one subscription. But I found this kind of premium product that I felt would be good to be able to show off here. So this is a goal full page and it’s a full page screen capture. So I’m going to chat in control, see, and I will give you that right now. -Best Screen Capture for Realtors-

Screen Capture for Realtors

So there is that the link directly to it. And that link allows you to install a chrome extension. And then when you had the chrome extension installed on your computer, then you can go ahead and add some items. So what I’m going to do is look at something here that we may do some editing on. So this is a page at ESPN.com, and I have the extension put on my put in my Chrome browser and I just click on it in the upper right hand corner where the extensions are. And this is captures the whole screen that is currently there in one PDF.

So I don’t have to do anything. So this all comes in here for me. So now this is on the page and I have all types of different settings on how I can go ahead and work on this. So now I can edit this so I can work on it. I have a bunch of different options in here that I can use so I can obviously point to different items with with an arrow so I can put this arrow in, I believe, and then I can put lines, ovals, I can put text in so I can type and figure out what’s going on here.

And then you’ll put the text in and then the text goes in the middle and I can edit this. I can go over here, I can change the size of the text, I can change the color of the text, whatever it happens to be, so it can fill in. So I can go ahead and use all of these different items that can put stickers on the page. So I show if I like this item or I don’t like it, I can layer one over the other. -Best Screen Capture for Realtors-

I can tell the person that is on the other side everything that I want modified on here, that helps a ton. Oh my goodness. When you’re trying to go back and forth between you and somebody else, I’m currently using it on the website to be able to edit those things. I thought it would be a good tool. So he’ll annotate is good. This is much better. You have more control over kind of what’s going on like that.

So, yeah, please go ahead and feel free to utilize this. I think you will really appreciate it. And once you kind of get using it, it’s pretty easy to use now. It is really kind of easy to use. It adds in and puts those things there. And then you can say, like, no, I want this button to be like this, or here’s where I want this to go. And you can kind of use all these different tools. You have full kind of control over the colors, the size, the widths, whatever that happens to be to be able to market up super helpful. And it’ll give you less kind of back and forth.

Thank you. OK, so there is that link for you and there was a quick tutorial of it and I believe that brings us all the way to the end. -Best Screen Capture for Realtors-

-Screen Capture for Realtors-
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