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Hey there, so best of living is ready to receive your input, and so this magazine here will chat the link in and give you that information and share the screen with you guys right now. So they have got to the point of the year where they’re ready to accept who is the best of them. And what they have is in their magazine. They’ll put out the the

actual magazine. You’ve probably seen it. They’ll cover different things. Who’s the best dentist? Who’s the best? This is the best that. Right. So they have all these different categories. So we’re giving you the link here and chatting that into you so that you can go ahead and just peruse.

You can share it with your client base, people that you’ve done business with before so they know about you. And then if they feel inclined, they can give you a a review and vote for you as the best. You know, I’ve heard it from a lot of your clients that they all think. You’re the best, so you should get credit for it, very nice.

Yeah, so to make sure that you link it out and send it out correctly, if you want somebody to vote for you and share it that way, what you might consider first is looking up one of somebody you know, like and trust. So maybe your spouse or your family member is in a different business.

Maybe they’re a doctor, maybe they’re an attorney. Maybe they’re right, a chiropractor. Whatever it is, pick the item that individual is. Sure. And go through the process of. If you feel they’re worthy of going in and placing your vote online in the right category for them, then once you’ve done that, you’ll realize the different categorization and how it works. And you’ve done it once yourself.

Go ahead and vote for other people that you think are good, like a restaurant, like whatever that happens to be passing the price thing too. So if ah, if you have a title company that you love or a lender or you know, insurance agent, then you can, you can add them there.

Yes. And then once you’ve done that process and you understand it and you get it, you see what it’s going to look like, then maybe you consider a social media post along those lines like, hey, I’m in consideration for would you like to put this for me? Right.

And then you could go ahead and put it, but put the right link in the right different things. And maybe some marketing item that becomes something relevant for you is an agent if you feel it. Correct. So we’re just trying to open up to hear things like that.

I mean, you know, people don’t know about this unless you share it. So if your clients think highly of you, why not? Yeah. I don’t know. I’m like, that’s just a suggestion. OK, that’s right, I’m taking the Belbek. All right, so we’re back and this is a topic that’s going to dovetail into something else that’s going to be a two partner,

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