Best Buy Beta Membership – Hey there, do you have parents, maybe grandparents, maybe kids that need some help with technology? Do you have an automated home or are you an agent? And maybe some of these things you’re like, hey, I don’t really know how this works. The buyers are the seller is asking me all these different questions.

And they want to know how to use their WI speaker systems. They want to automate this. They have a like a ring doorbell and it can’t connect and they can’t do this. And they have an automated security system and the pictures aren’t synching or whatever that is. And there’s just a sprinkler system that’s on an app. There’s all these opportunities to get those technologies

In the middle of the night as an agent.

No, exactly. It’s like what’s the user name to this? What’s the password to that? What’s the code to this? How do I get into this? And all of a sudden you’re thinking yourself, wow, I’m personally is an agent, not tech support. But there is a solution. So this is Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker and I’m Mike Acquisto and we have some information to share for you on Best Buy, their Beta membership program that they are now offering.

Let’s take a look and share the screen for us. So in the past, it was weird that computers were difficult to use. Right. And you needed a lot of tech support with them. But now all of a sudden the computer got easier and there was all these apps and you didn’t really need that. It was a weird thing.

So it went all this other way and became like tech support wasn’t a thing. But as we’re going to see, Best Buy is bringing it back. But now you’ll see that there’s an even bigger reason to kind of have this, because all of a sudden what you see is that now you have a bunch of things that are connected. And when you have so many, although they’re easy to use, managing, installing, putting together, collaborating with, having it all work is sometimes difficult.

So as we take a look through here on Best Buy, they just recently came out with this program called Zill Worth of Goodhead Insurance, brought this one up for me and sent this topic over. You know, I’m not really sure, but people do call Best Buy Amazon’s showroom.

Right? So you can go there and take a look. But what we did here in the Best Buy Best Buy data program is you get dedicated and exclusive concierge support, you get free shipping and whatever membership sales, unlimited geek squad tech support and all the technology in your home, not necessarily just what you bought from Best Buy or what you just recently purchased, but all of it.

So if you run into a problem and there’s a person there, then you have all that stuff, you have the warranty stuff and in- home standard delivery and installation on most of the products. So what they’re doing is they’re basically taking tech support, but giving it to you when you purchase it on a yearly basis to get all of this stuff covered.

And maybe that’s what your seller needs. I know that I’ve been in this situation where I’ve had to be tech support for somebody else. Right. And we’re your buyer. Yeah. Or the buyer just as they move into the home and to

Say, hey, buyer. And it might save you from receiving those phone calls of how to do this or that. Or could you check the seller on this? You know what I mean?

It really does seem like a great thing. As soon as they move in, there’s like, hey, there’s all these things to connect. Do you want to spend all month doing that? Or would you like me to have somebody come in and help you out to get all that stuff? So I like it. All right. Well, they’re job Best Buy and find. From Michael Acquisto.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.9.21

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