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Hey, so did you like that you like the intro that was done by producer Omkar and he’s joining us today here. Omkar, how are you doing, sir?

I am doing great. Very good. Very good. I’m part of our family because he’s like right here with us. Really just to screen between.

Yeah. So that is the case. And no, he’s definitely here. He helps out a lot on all these different items. And the topic that we have here is behind the scenes. Oh, so what we’re going to do is talk a little bit about some of the things that go on with TNT and sometimes with it being a live produced item that we have some different issues. Right. So maybe yesterday you saw some of them. Sometimes the Internet’s an issue, sometimes it’s YouTube, sometimes it’s me or me. It’s not it’s never you. It’s always us. But, you know, sometimes things happen. So we brought on Omkar today because we’re going to kind of describe what kind of happens behind the scenes and if we do have any issues. Right. So producer Omkar with the great hair, take it away.

So basically, what happens from time to time? Is this even been like produced?

We have to do certain things at the very moment of fame. And at times all the things like you make what we have planned before don’t go as planned. So we have to improvise at that very moment of time and have to do something different like yesterday. What happened is the camera wasn’t programmed properly, so we had to, you know, go to like some music or something like that and, you know, go up that mess.

That wasn’t me.

So it’s it’s it’s a very like well, at that particular moment of time, what we decided to do like that depends. I like that is very important because this isn’t becomes crucial if this stream will go awesome on. OK, so yeah. So that is what we are trying to achieve. Like we are trying to do our best is there and we are looking like we are still not dead.

But it’s, it’s like, it’s like it’s a never ending lineup. So we have to climb that and we have to go ahead and do our jobs. So yeah.

Yeah. So one of the things that we ran in to yesterday, we kind of had to camera issue show and it was a little shaky. So I had to like unplug the camera and plug it in and like restart something super quick. So while that was going on, we went to like in our like, nerd terms, we went into like the scene switcher. So we put this scene switcher up and that just like played some music and kind of like kept it there. It’s kind of like if a problem happens, hit that button. So we had a technical difficulty, I would say. So if you’re old enough and you remember TV, when there used to be those types of things that would go on, then they used to actually say that. I know. So we’re trying to get something up there like that for us. I just think that with technical difficulties. Right, like this is what’s happening. So we’re going to aim for something like that. But that was a short term problem that we’re able to fix rather quickly. So just please stay tuned. And if you need to, you can refresh is a refreshing idea if they end up having a problem car.

Yeah, most of the times it would solve everything. It happens at times like this from Buffer’s or it won’t load up. So you have to replace the bridge. And mostly I would do the job for us and it would be up the screen. So yeah, it would do the job for us.

Ok, so now does that hurt the so we’re talking like total nerd things here, but these are actually super important. So I’m glad that you guys are helping us out with them. So being on YouTube and being alive, that helps us with credibility. It helps us quite a bit. So being on YouTube adds to our CEO presence, which adds to all these different things that are going to help us, including bringing more clients and. Right. So what we really need to do is we need to be extremely consistent with our content. So we’re going to have TNT every day. Right. So you’ll see that Monday through Friday here, 8:45 Central Time. And when we have issues, we. Need to be able to work through them, but it’s also critical that we get a lot of engagement and we get the right type of timeline for people following in watching, because all the stats actually end up mattering. So if you want to, like, join on multiple devices and watch all over the place, and that even helps us more. If you want to put it on your TV, you can install the YouTube TV, let your kids watch most of the time.

So most of the time it is right. But they can always be learning, which is a topic for rather soon. Right. So go ahead and please do the best you possibly can to do that. But the longer you watch, the better off it is. So if you log on early, that’s totally fine. We try to play some good intro music for you and we switch it up from time to time. And we’re trying to do some things that hopefully engage just a little bit better. Right. So go ahead and log on early. That doesn’t hurt and leave it open just a little bit longer. And it helps us with our average view time. And that’s definitely a good deal. Right. And then from time to time, Omkar, we also have major issues. So we talked about a minor issue where I just need to reboot the camera. And that took a matter of seconds. Sometimes we’re going to have a major issue.

Hmm. So tell us what we’re going to do. And we have a major issue. Omkar, please.

So then when certain things happen, like, you know, the Internet connection drops, or maybe that is a serious problem in the stream itself, that is then might be a problem sometimes and it will be associated with. So we will support the streaming. So I think what we would do is most probably would try to fix it, but the problem is not fixable. Then we would end that stream for Poverty Day and we would carry forward most of what, the next day. So this this is probably the least possible, likely this won’t happen. But if this does happen, what we would do is move on to the next thing.

Ok, so in the event that we’re not there and we just, like, disappear, then catch us tomorrow. Now I know, like, you know, the jiggly stuff, that ‘s a minor issue that only takes seconds to fix. And we can fix that right away. Right.

Major issues are like the whole Internet crashes. I need to restart. My computer goes out, the power goes out. Like we have all types of things that could happen. A backup generator, maybe the next house, next house backup generator. Would you go propane or natural gas? All right. Well, we’ll find out either which way. We’ll talk through that and let’s.

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