Steps to Becoming A Neighborhood Expert (Part 2)

Becoming A Neighborhood Expert (Part 2). We previously covered this topic in more, but it was such a good one that we’re like, Let’s get down, drill into it just a little bit more.

This one’s good talking about being a neighborhood expert. So this weekend on Saturday, Jodi and I attended. They had the real district, which is in Frisco. The downtown Frisco area has been renamed the rail district because there’s a real road that goes through there. Mm hmm. They had a tour and they had a tour of homes that had been renovated in that area. So we attended. We met a lot of great people, homeowners, other agents, you know, and we really got to know. I lived in Frisco a long time.

Jody’s lived in Frisco, a long time, but we really went down in that area and got to know the area and the neighborhood and the people. And, you know, the community. And I learned a lot, you know, I don’t go down there all the time anymore. So I really felt like I gained a perspective on what’s happening down there and gained an appreciation for what’s going on down there. So it was really great. We had a great time. We went to lunch at a local restaurant down there. We shopped in the local boutiques down there.

Agents, you know, we ran into agents. We know it was really odd.

Did you see any past clients or anything like that? It’s it’s crazy how often you run into people. But we met some people that had moved here from Ohio, you know, just reaching out and engaging and talking to people. And, you know, Jodie found something in common with just a random stranger. So it was really good. Stranger danger is not a thing in real estate. You just talk to everybody. Anyway, it was really good and we had a great time.

The weather was beautiful. And I think that’s a really good way to becoming a neighborhood expert is going down there and walking the streets and understanding what’s going on.

I think we should break that topic out. Maybe have Jodie on if she’s up for that to discuss exactly what was going on down there and go over some of the Airbnb stuff and the rentals and the remodels that are going on and prices and how they’ve been changing and what that really is downtown.

Yeah, I think Downtown Frisco now there’s downtown McKinney, which is doing well. There’s a ton of different downtowns that are starting to like, have things, right?

So yeah, it was great. So I think it goes to this number four that we had for Inman. Omkar wants to Pull this over so badly. Yeah.

Was setting yourself up on several MLS searches, so you should first have one set up for your neighborhood in which you live in. Hmm. And then any other ones that you’re really wanting to learn about or you have a client moving to town and they want to stay within a certain area, set up these searches so you’re starting to get them and you start to learn what’s going on in that community and becoming, you know, knowledgeable about it.

So you can have those conversations. You are the resource as the realtor, you know, the buyers and sellers are relying heavily upon your knowledge and experience of the industry. So you don’t want to be, I don’t know, person. You want to at least have a good base understanding of what you’re talking about.

Can we talk about super obvious here? What is going on with this lady’s hair here? She kind of looks like a lion that’s on the screen that is like out of control. You’re jealous of that. You want to look like a lion. Yeah, she’s got a huge mouth. Yeah. Oh, craziness. All right. Don’t get distracted. But anyway. Set yourself up on MLS searches so you receive them every day and you can keep track of what’s going on. That’s how you learn and then we also discuss Zillow research just the other day, which is below it. Mls and local associations. Let me see.

You know, look for events that are going on in the downtown like we did, Jodi found this and invited me, which was great on the rail tour, so it was wonderful and one of Jodi’s, you know, high school friends actually has a home downtown Frisco that they built. And it’s the cutest home. And it’s actually Brittney Kohlberg. She is an escrow officer at Republic title. Actually, I think she’s V.P.. But anyway, she is at the Republic title in Frisco.

Her and Jodi go way back. She invited us into her home. Her home was on the tour, but it was really amazing to see.

So yeah, and so your peers can be a resource for you in becoming a neighborhood expert so you can go to like to their listings. You can do open houses for them and you start to learn different areas and then we obviously can help out as well with your brokerage.

So if there’s things that you want to also do, just let us know. We really want to help you out. Yeah, right? But you just have to bring things to our attention that are important to you, and we’ll see how we can work those around. It’s a great job, Jody. Thank you. Nice job.

Episode was Recorded Live on Youtube on 09.27.2021

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