Become a Local Expert – Hey there, let’s become a local expert by going door to door in real estate here. That’s luxury real estate broker and local real estate celebrity Shana Acquisto. We’re here today to talk about going door to door as a realtor, but not in the traditional sense. Right. What we’re going to talk about is having a list of people that potentially want to sell if something comes up.

Become a Local Expert

It’s kind of like your list that you have behind the scenes. We’re going to talk about how you could become a good neighbor by having great conversations and maybe asking those questions, right? Yeah. Should you do it in Excel? How do you share this? What do you do? All those kind of questions and more. Can you share it?

I don’t know. So that’s kind of disgusting. So let’s start with what you want to do. So the idea is to walk up to somebody’s door, right?

So I’ve never been a fan of going door to door. We we did that. I think we one of us being in the business took our kids door to door. And, you know, that’s the only time that we did it. So think about when people come to your door, you have a no soliciting sign. They ring the doorbell anyway. You know, it’s kind of intrusive and and somewhat annoying. Right.

But maybe you could go door to door and just leave something on there, you know, have something to put down on their doorstep and just leave it. Hey, I have a list. I have people willing to buy whatever it may be and just do that. You can go door to door, but don’t invade them. A couple of things to be careful with, as if they do have a no soliciting. So I don’t go to their door.

All right. So this comes up this comes up here because we were recently approached and our favorite neighbor, Bob, over in Walnut Grove had contacted me, says, hey, Mike, I had a realtor that was coming door to door. And they said they have a list of people that are potentially interested in selling in the neighborhood. And what they were trying to do is to match up people that would potentially be one of her buyers to match up with people that be willing to sell.

And she kind of had a map of the neighborhood and she’s walking around and just saying, like, what would it take you to move to kind of make you move? So it was big. And she’s keeping a list and they’re not actively marketed properties. But these are like make me move type offers. And somebody came along. What would that number be?

And you know, what happens there is you’ll probably get a lot of people that say, oh, no, I’m not selling. But when someone offers you that, you can’t help but keep that in the back of your mind and continue to think about it. Right. So it’s really smart that even if you get a no, no worries, here’s my information. Let me know if you change your mind.

And it’s just it feels like a reasonable time to be able to talk to somebody about it because you’re going to be able to give them the most possible money that they would be able to maybe make it as easy as you possibly could for them. So if it was a time that they’re willing to consider and it’s showing that you’re putting in the effort to do this in a down economy and like if homes were were down in price, it feels really bad, like, hey, hate, you have to sell. Right? So this is like the exact opposite of that type of time. And it feels like it could be a nice time to go ahead and do that.

I think it’s a great idea and you know it. So this agent who went around and did this, you know, really got a lot of traction. And I think she’s a newer agent. So she went through and and did this. And we had we received phone calls because these are people that we know, but still. I mean, it worked, so I thought it was I thought it was a really good idea and we know that we all have these lists.

We have a mile long list of buyers that we’re trying to match up with homes. So it does a couple of things. Hey, you know, they’re going to ask you, so what what can I get for my home? Well, you know, it’s a it’s a seller’s market. What do you want out of your home? You know, I can pull the comps. I can pull, you know, all that information. But really, what do you want out of it? And let’s see if somebody is willing to pay because the comps are kind of irrelevant at this point in time in the market.

So, yeah, it allows you to have a good conversation with a neighbor, with somebody that you should be able to not you don’t necessarily have to go into your neighborhood, per say. Right. Might be good to go there because you would know people better. But if you go in another one, that’s maybe a higher price point, maybe a more desirable area for some particular reason or an area where you think people might have had good appreciation, want to leave or whatever it happens to be.

But if you pick the strategy and go with it and then just kind of keep track of them and excel, because you’re going to want to get some basic information and see how you can stay in touch with them and see if you could motivate them. You never know.

I think a lot of people can be motivated to move, you know. I think if they have a second home, right, maybe they’re not there. Maybe this is their second home, but the information out there try to reach them. And if they can get rid of a second home right now, I think they

Have time to sell an investment property if they happen to have one and check out the reasoning make as an investment so that you can sell it at the right time. So is now the right time to go ahead and go after this? I don’t know. These are all questions we’re just asking them, and it’s up for you to go ahead and take some action on it and do the best you possibly can go for it.

And this great data, when you come up with anyone who is willing to sell, then maybe you go ahead and share that on your listings. We kind of have a discussion there. Yeah, start your list. Very good. I think Don think.

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