Be aware of Meritage homes 

It’s definitely like that and aware, be aware, yes, agent, be aware of, you know, we’ve sold several Meritage or Meritage.

So I’ve also heard that Meritage is encouraging people to come in without the realtor. And, you know, that goes into the same along the lines of we heard previously of a builder not wanting to necessarily pay a commission and now they’re encouraging, hey, if you come in without your realtor, we get you a much better price. And that.  

I’ve never heard that with this builder, you know, and I know, Meritage, they’re doing a lot of NexGen homes and different multi generational homes which are desirable right now. So, you know, just be careful of that. And I don’t know where all this is stemming from. So I want to do a little bit more research and, you know, find out why these things are happening. And when we were when I was in Idaho, you know, my my niece and my brother are realtors that the builders there employ or, you know, hire a actual realtor to sit in their communities and sell their house and license licensed. And I don’t understand how a builder who’s selling multiple new construction homes or new homes can do that. Now, we all know that we can sell your own properties and do certain things yourself. But you know this there should be some sort of guidelines. If they’re doing one home or, you know, a few a year, that’s one thing. But if they’re production and, you know, we have the same we’re competing with the same buyers, I think that they should fall under the same guidelines. So I actually reached out to Adam Majorie yesterday and talked to him for for some time on that topic and and in with Mary Lity and try to get a little bit of insight on what we should do to try to approach approach this with track.

So licensing, I think is.  

Necessary, so Adams put in a ton of effort this year, and he’s done a great job for us. I think we should give the rest of the year off with your I mean, he’s done a great job. Yeah, he did everything through covid and he was really standing up for us. He was simply amazing. But you need to poke them, huh?

Yeah, I poked him a little bit and, you know, just to keep in the back of his mind. So, you know, bottom line is, if you have a client, you know, you might want to go visit some of these builders in advance if you have a buyer looking and get them registered or, you know, we’ve talked about that previous years, you need to get them registered and you need to have that discussion with them. So you’re not surprised when you bring them in and then that gets, you know.

Yeah. Go ahead and comment. If you have any direct knowledge of this yourself, if you’ve had any experiences going out and talking with builders and have any commission issues with any of the builders. Right. That’s all we’d like to know about it.

We need to we need to know can we can you know, we can come up with a strategy on how to you know, I don’t want people to have that same experience where they sit there at the builder and its builder, them client and then the builders like you’re not to procuring cause.

So you’re not going to sit here for four hours and go through a contract and you’re like boiling and steaming. I mean, when, you know, that’s one of my biggest pet peeves is when people try to attack your pay or feel that you’re not worthy of, you know, the amount that you’re you’ve negotiated or whatever it is. It just I mean, I know how hard we all work. So it it bothers me.

Maybe a thumbs up would be appropriate, if you like short defending your commissions. I will. All day long. So, yeah. Are you like a politician because they kind of like grasp it. Maybe they’re in there like, I don’t know, no new taxes. I think now there’s what’s that, what they call last night, the new word, oh, pollsters, it’s like, oh man, everybody’s saying pollsters, OK, we’re digressing anyway.

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