Be your neighborhood market expert- All right, Mike and Shana Acquisto here, real estate brokers and co-owners with Acquisto real estate, and we’re going to inform you of how to become your real estate local expert for a particular neighborhood. Right? Probably the one you live in  particular. But if not, if you want to gain another market and a new neighborhood, then you would kind of follow the same type of tips over and over again and just add additional markets.

Yeah. And I think if, you know, if you want to separate yourself from others, you know, people are very savvy, consumers are very savvy. They go online. They have all this information at their disposal. And, you know, you need to be even better than that. So I think it’s really important to start with your own neighborhood that you live in and know what’s going on, what homes are selling, what are they selling for, what is the trend? And if you become really proficient in your own neighborhood, then you’re going to start to to expand that and be a true leader in the industry.

So knowing the right thing. So Sean is going to show us how to set up a search and she’s going to tell you about the stats and what’s going on there. So we’re going to discuss that here in just a second as we go on. And I want to draw a parallel for you. OK, so the other day I talked about the fact that I’ve got a guy in what that kind of means. Right. And so as a guy, I want people to ask me, like, who’s the person for this? Who’s a good plumber? Who’s that? Right.

So as your local neighborhood expert, what you want to do is you want to do the same thing for your neighborhood. OK, so if people always know that you happen to know those things, then they’re going to reach out to you for those in addition to real estate stats on what’s selling, which will go over. So those things might be like, how do I get a new key card reprinted to get into the pool if that’s the case? Right. If I lose one, how do I contact or tell somebody at the way that the flowers are dead or the light bulb is burnt out at this particular spot?

Or how do I get know whom do I let know when the bathroom’s dirty at the middle pool lodge or what’s? You know, there’s like all these different things. Right. And if you become that person the same way as I’ve got a guy, so go ahead and you can look back into that. I think that was a good episode. So maybe look for that one.

Be your neighborhood market expert

Yeah. And if you’re familiar with everything going on, you’re going to be top of mind, but you have to stand out so you can’t have all this information and just keep it to yourself. You need to be able to talk about it within your community and share it. And, you know, there’s a couple of ways that you can do that. You know, we all have buyers right now that we can’t find homes because the inventory is so low.

So what you can do is kind of hey, hey, guys, I know in our neighborhood there’s no homes for sale. Right. That I have a buyer looking for this. If you know anybody or if you’re thinking of something, you know, thinking of listing soon, please reach out to me privately and let me know. And that just kind of lets people know what you do, what you’re looking for. And, you know, you can start to stay top of mind. But first, I think it’s really important. You do need to know what’s going on in your neighborhood.

So what we’ve done is we create I mean, there’s hot sheets in Ntreis, but I’ve created searches for, you know, our neighborhood in particular. And that way, just like you set this up for your client, you receive notifications if something, you know, goes under contract or a status changes or something’s coming soon. Right. So I’m going to have Omkar pull over a quick C.M.A that I did in our neighborhood just so you can kind of see our neighborhood and what’s going on.

So there’s only two homes that are on the market right now and there’s one active contingent. And then you see what sold online did the last 90 days, because I’ve been keeping up with this. But this is a good way for you to always get alerts and understand and stay on top of your own neighborhood. If you don’t set up this search, you’re probably not going to remember to, oh, I should log in and see what’s going on. This is going to alert you every time. So, you know, you don’t miss it.

Can you set up a search for Coming soon. Any status? Good. Yeah.

So what that’s going to do is it’s going to tell you before it actually even happens. Right. So that’s the idea. And if you think it’s important as an agent to be the local expert in your area and you want to see coming soon. Yeah. Then for just a second, take an aside and remember how important it is to put your listing perfectly in. So that your clients are are fully represented there. So go ahead and go back and look at a past episode and give me all these different links to kind of get you to past episodes of TNT.

So another thing is a lot of a lot of people relays the market based on price per square foot. So we know that appraisers don’t use price per square foot.


But, you know, when you’re wanting to connect with an individual, a consumer, you can have that on your quick C.M.A. So if you scroll down a little bit, Omkar, to the bottom, you have a summary of kind of what’s going on and you’re going to have the averages. So you’re going to see the average days on market, the average price per foot and all of those specifics as well. So you can know kind of in our neighborhood, things are roughly selling for one hundred thirty six dollars of that or whatever it may be.

So it’s just really good to you know, once you get that alert, go ahead and run yourself a quick C.M.A so you can have all of those stats and stay aware of what’s going on. I just think it’s important. And you start there in your neighborhood, you know, I think you’re in your neighborhood. You’re probably walking a lot with your dogs or out with your kids and you’re going to run across people.

And, you know, when we go outside, at least one person will say, hey, how’s the market? I mean, they just know that we do real estate and they ask us about something real estate related. And if I was like that, if they said, hey, what did that house on Rieth sell for? Oh, I didn’t even know it was for sale. Well, they’re not going to really trust you and they need to sell their home.

So I agree that’s a huge deal. Is knowing it’s a huge opportunity. It is, yeah. And don’t let that pass by. Nope. That’s it, Shawn. That’s all I got. No, Shawn, that was a really good topic.

And helping people out and making sure that they realize that their local expert in the same thing would apply. So we talked about doing it in your neighborhood. Right. But it’s the same thing people talk about, like, oh, I want to farm a neighborhood. Right. And like, I want to send out this postcard to all these different people. OK, fine. Maybe or you can become an expert yourself, you know, have the knowledge when you have knowledge. That’s extreme power in the more stuff you know than people are going to rely on you and they’re going to trust you.

And it’s not you know, it is like real estate related. But we have an example in our neighborhood. We have when you enter a neighborhood, we have this water feature that is always a problem right in it’s they’ve had to dredge this little pond and have all these issues with it.

And people talk about it all the time. Well, you also should know things like that that are going on in your in your neighborhood. So stay on top of the way and know what their plans are. You know, just know everything that’s going on in your neighborhood, attend the meetings. You know, you can attend the meetings, maybe get involved with your ACOA.

Yeah, I went to an AA meeting and it was totally. Yes, yeah, it was total B.S. I gave them a strong recommendation, at least I felt on an issue and I never heard a word of it. It was like, all right. So, yeah, things didn’t even get an email back like anything.

When you’re walking with somebody like, hey, what happened to the you know, why they remove all the play equipment on the you know, in the playground, you need to know all of these things. And then that makes you, you know, a trusted resource that, you know things and you can do super nerdy things such as this.

So you can review the way expenses on an annual basis. They typically will send that out to you. I encourage you to do that. It’s it’s quite you start looking through it and you’re like, wait just a minute. They’re spending how much money where playing the fool for that. Yeah. And all of a sudden you’re like, that is ridiculous. And you start looking at it. But now you have something to discuss.

You see where the money goes and what’s going on are like they still have sixteen land lines and they’re paying so much money for all of that. What is going on here? And you’re like, wow. So just diving into the financials of just your way, José is going to give you a ton of different topics to discuss with other people. Yeah, and that’s what real estate is all about, is having knowledge that you can impart on others when that time comes.

And if you know and you are aware of all these things that are going on, you know, there’s there’s the next door at.

But most communities will have a Facebook page or a log in, a resident log in and their own website that people communicate through. So, you know, I would be a part of all of those. And then when something comes up, you know, you’ll have the information to respond and know how to respond. And you’re there. They’re going to become familiar with you. In your name and associate you with anything real estate related?

Yeah, and I was just talking with an unnamed agent that’s not going to be identified, but he was like, I can’t believe I’ve lived in this neighborhood for this long and I haven’t sold any homes in this neighborhood. And it’s amazing how fast they turn over. And, you know, I ran a stat like there’s been this many homes I’ve sold since I’ve lived here and I haven’t sold any of them.

And so sometimes it’s just like small, simple things to kind of go back to basics on. But we talked yesterday, you yesterday about like setting your first appointment. Right. And like how you don’t have to do anything else other than set appointments to start with in recruiting business. And if you can’t do that, then you’re never really difficult times an agent. And if you want to sell homes, someone close to you make it really easy on yourself. It’s kind of amazing how simple certain things can be. So just refocus. It’s a great time of year to be able to hit on that.

Be careful of gimmicky sales, things like and I’m not saying that they don’t work that postcards do your own magazine do these things? No, just be human and like be able to communicate in person and use these tools that are free. All these are free tools for you to use. Right. I agree. It’s incredible. Just like know stuff. That’s what people want.

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