BadAssLakeHouse – Hey, luxury real estate broker, how are you? Good, how are you? Pretty good. You have a new one coming up here, don’t you?

We do. Tell us all about it. Have an amazing lake house that a badass lake house that we have been diligently working on. And we’re going to kind of accelerate it because we feel like the weather’s getting better. We just want to roll this thing out. So very good working hard this week to get everything and get all of our assets done. And we would like for our agents to have the first sneak peek of this in person.


So on Friday at noon, it seems to be a trend. We’ll see Friday at noon. We’d like to invite you guys out to our newest Coming Soon listing and take a look. It’s beautiful. You’ll love it. And this is going to be before it hits the market. So we want to have you guys have the first opportunity at it to see it and experience it and be able to.

You know, to have first dibs on it, so, yeah, it’s awesome.

The website’s not fully done. We’re going live relatively soon. We did take most of pictures. Most of them are back. And we do have some of this stuff up. As you could see, we have cloned. I don’t know why it seems better to say cloned than copy and pasted.

So we cloned we cloned the website. And now what you’ll see is we’re utilizing the same thing here. So this this website’s not 100 percent done. We still have some old assets in it from previous listings, but we’re finishing it up rather quickly. And we have used the same model and listing it all in one. So nice job and congratulations to you.

She looks really fun, a good person to hang out with. It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s always better when you have great listings like this does make it quite a bit better.

And so they look amazing. We were able to do some photography, some videography. Artistic.

I haven’t seen these. You haven’t seen them. All right, well, they’re right at noon. Let us know if you plan to come out. We will give you guys the address.

And look how cute guys. Yeah, just unbelievable. You just can’t see your face. That’s cool. That’s my bad guys.

So what we can do is have you guys come out? Take a look. We’ll have some lunch. Bring your own lunch. Is that what you had them do Friday? Bring their own lunch?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s called like we can’t be sharing meals and doing all those types of things. So pack a lunch. Come on out. Let’s do some fun videos and, you know, just have a good time and see this beautiful listing.

So where do we stand on on like using the jet ski or a boat on it? Working on it? Yes, that sounds really good. Yeah, sounds exciting to me. Thank you very much for getting all the great assets. Logan Lawrence put in some serious time. Logan and did this will give the address right. Is it a good idea to give it now so they have it.

Uh, sure. All right.

So sixteen hundred South Lake Shore Drive in Rockwall. All right. We will chat that link in there. We’ll chat the address in noon on Friday. We will also give you the website address again in the chat as well. And that will be lower down in the description. If you think it’s amazing that China continues to get these awesome listings, just press on along the way by give us a thumbs up and that will help us out.

And I hope you get to take advantage of this. Right. So it’s a great time for you to get photos, for you to explore it, for you to learn different things and to discuss.

So I shall do it. I can’t say price yet, right? It’s three point five. Oh, we can say price. There we go. Mm hmm. That’s a nice number. Mm hmm.

All right. Say it again. Just sounds good. Three point five. Very good. And. OK, Bill was. Five tips for working with seniors. We’re going to skip this topic and we’re just going to go on to the next one.

Why? Because we’ll save it for tomorrow. We’re running low on time. And we’ll just think about working with your dad and worry about it, right? Yeah, we learned a lot. Is not a big deal.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.8.21

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