BadAss Lucas Ranch – Give the Lucas ranch that see one point one Million channel 11 so Very strong, but very good. And you had great, great news reporter come out. He’s a journalist and We see him. So, he is the news anchor for have certain features as we had him on TNT, like you said, got to know him last Friday.

He was, he was Not an operative. You can use several. We found out a couple of things about him on more in demand very . From the state fair concept. So you’re going to go Early Show A.. Read article right here. So it’s a shame that this is Skip entering Shana. And as we listen in, just a we’re going to kind of get to see what happens here. And if you’ve shown it, it was awesome to have this property that surrounds

It just so we can have some resort style or features thrown.
I mean, Houseboats 63, this was it had to be a great experience for everyone to have. Right.

It was really nice to needs backsplash. Won’t make you feel a little nervous knowing you’re going to be on TV. But all he did a really good job and then tell me and what to say and do of granite they edited. There’s also even a 600 square foot house with.

Yeah, I think so. So we’re going to end up taking this like sort of in our favor so that we have that for anyone that can watch it endlessly

Over thirty six hundred square.

Right by our example, it’s spectacular. It’s really quite a property. You seem to know where the. I love that. Now one of my favorite Items in there after

Fan is that bad.
So many high end touches, anything that is inside is out. The reality is the wire isn’t too deep, but oh by now she’s talking to us.

So this will be great. All the rest of it.
And you had somewhere to go. Sometimes the sands, you were almost.
I had nowhere to go. I did have somewhere to go.

You did have somewhere to go and see something. Still says many realtors are starting to notice. Oh, it’s spectacular movie. I liked that one a lot in Texas in my dreams. I you that I saw this footage recently and I’m right out of the we did send a lot that he and his videographer you won’t find did a lot of work on a twelve million dollar rancher.

So you can tell what they did because they’re like, who’s running away from all of that? I think that’s going to be took away. Yes. I’m waiting for someone to not say, oh, hey, sheriff, to our area and the rest of us, just maybe there’s a desert. You can see that logo’s in the mountains.

Oh, yeah. That’s interesting.
You used to maligns soon. I did a great job.
I was down here. It was really great. You guys can share it. Find a buyer, please.

Yeah, we’ll check back in there for you. And we’re going to have an event coming up really soon. So we’ll give you the full details on that. If you want to look at that property or any others like it. Right, then we’ll help you out. We have land next to it in which we could build another property for you if you would like. So let’s talk about the Lucas ranch first.

And if one doesn’t meet your needs, that we do have additional property next to it and then we’re going to let you know that bad ass Lucas is the actual website. So we’re in a chat that in four years you can look there and you can see all about it’s going to have tons of information, including videos, pictures, all types of things. You did an outdoor video here. It’s going to have all the details on that. And you can scroll through this whole website. I’m super happy with the website. I think you did a great job. It is to put this all together. Yeah, the marketing did turn out for

You and your marketing crew thought haunted yourself to lose. So marketing shout out to all of the homies over there. You’re doing a great job. Yes. No, there are three videos here, so you can scroll through each one and kind of see each one of the different videos. Those are pretty cool. Now, we took pictures of each different spot to subtlely mark the agent while we also marketed the property for sale. And people talk about this all the time, Shana. They really do that.

They remember the website. They remember what’s going on. And it’s it’s really impressive. It’s very good. Thank you for having more amazing properties like that. Yeah. And thank you for marketing it so well and being spectacular and representing it on the news and things for Ken for.

Thank you. Can us. Absolutely. OK, appreciate. Do not have to you get to so what we’re going to do is get ready

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