Badass Lake House Reveal – Hey, I’m Michael Acquisto, I’m here with luxury real estate broker Shana Acquisto. Shana, thanks for joining us today.

We’re super excited to get to talk with you about the badass lake house that you have here. Yes. So why don’t we start with a dress or kind of where we’re at?

We are in Rockwall on Lake Ray Hubbard and we’re at sixteen hundred Lakeshore Drive. And this is a beautiful home that has been completely remodeled.

And from the outside it looks very Mediterranean with palm trees and the stone.

And then you come inside and it’s very, I would say modern. It’s got the modern flair. So we’re calling this a Mediterranean, a modern Mediterranean. Wow. What that. Yeah. So that’s excellent.

Yeah, I definitely was. So I walk in the door in. The first thing I think is wow, ok, like this is really nice. Right. So it feels amazing but it feels livable. So it’s a super premium. Property feels very homey.

You are on the lake so it is like. You know, a place where you can relax and enjoy and think clearly and have a great day out on the lake, you have your own private boat dock that’s covered with a lift for the boat, a lift for two jet skis.

And I will I just want to point this out.

We were here. I mean, we’ve been here a lot, getting this home ready, but we were here literally, I think five minutes and. Doorbell rings And who is it?

It’s a realtor, actually. It’s a broker.
And he just wanted to talk. He was ready to talk and find out what’s going on here.
And actually, he we had to boot him out before TNT, but very got interested people looking to list it.

But when he found out where the listing brokers, he also has clients.

So that’s amazing. I’m so glad to cooperate with amazing people or noon because maybe we will sell.

All right, so let’s talk about the house, it’s very livable, but yet it’s large, square feet is about eighty three hundred square, a little over eighty three hundred square feet.

That’s enormous. Yeah.

And then the bedrooms. So let’s talk about them. The main daydreamer, the owners retreat. Retreat is downstairs and it’s kind of secluded away from the rest of the house.

And it has a beautiful so it has sliding doors in the in the in the bedroom and in the I call it the spa baths, where you can go outside to the back deck and I call it your private viewing deck so you can sit on that deck from your owners retreat and see the lake and see the sunset.

And it’s just really gorgeous out there.

Yes. Yeah. The bathroom definitely has all the finer accoutrements that you would expect in a home like this. I can’t use big words.

Yeah, I love your big words. All right. Let’s pause on the second. Oh, yeah, I don’t know.  

All right, so now we’re back and after we got done thinking about that one, that we’ll just move on. And now we are right now in the kitchen. And this is definitely a chef’s kitchen and right behind us in this kitchen.

Well, I would I would eat in this kitchen for sure. I would be a guest here and right behind us. I mean, it’s just so well laid out. It’s there’s so many textures in here. I don’t know why I’m big on textures, but I.

I happen to be right behind us. We have just different colors, textures, feels there’s big beams up behind us. It’s just incredibly amazing to me.

The beams that exist in this kitchen alone are amazing. It’s old reclaimed wood and it’s got a lot of character. I mean, these are old these Super Bowls.

That’s very good. You know, this looks amazing. I’m going to show this down and show off because you like this color, right, of the. Hey, anyone guess the cooktop color. So I’m going to reveal I’m going to reveal the cooktop color. But if you know it, Chad. And now what color do you think the cooktop would be?

So we’ll give you just a second for that color, would you think would go great in this home? Because there there are a lot of lighter colors, whites, grays and a lot of light colors.

So, you know, this really pops.

So I’d be interested to hear what you guys would choose if this was your home and everything was light and bright and full of natural light.

What color would you choose for your cooktop? I don’t even know. Cooktop came and all these different colors, but.

All right. So now that’s kind of a hint that it is not a standard color, right. Standard color.

So there you go. And then as we’re as we look outside, one of the things that I was super impressed by is not just how large the home is, but how livable it is, how separated the bedrooms are, how each bedroom kind of acts like its own suite. It’s really impressive, right? You have tons of people out here. I have no idea if this is an Airbnb, which is not. And they said, how many people would they sleep? I don’t know. On Airbnb, I think they would say like forty three.

Forty five. Forty five is what they would end up saying comfortably. You can probably sleep.

Yeah, literally, that might be that many lawn chairs outside on the patio and then the patio spaces, there’s plenty of patio space. If you wanted to camp outdoors on the sun almost fell.

Oh, my gosh. I didn’t even see that one coming. We were just standing here and she almost fell off the side of the bridge. Holy cow. It’s crazy. All right. Anyways, but outside, if you want to camp outside.

If you felt like camping outside, you could probably put like 10 tents just upstairs on the patio that they have, there’s so many balconies and then down by the pool. Holy cow.

It’s incredible. A real estate camp out at the lake would do it. I would be amazing.

I would yeah. You can camp outside on the lake because we’re not sleeping. All right. Anyways, back to the river. Let’s take a look. And we have.

All right, around now, guys, how many of you all gone to any staging classes when they tell you that everything’s white and bright, that you go with a.

Color of color. All right, well, they definitely pop this, so let’s go on to now. We describe the place thoroughly in the lake that it’s on to some Great Lake. Ray Hubbard. Very good.

All right. So now we’ve got the lake and now we’ve got the address. Now we got all those things.

I don’t know if we can discuss that just yet. Are three point five million perfect?

When you said three point five, I wasn’t actually sure. This place is so nice. I thought you were going to say billion.  

Oh, five billion, if you like. Or probably can. Yeah, but no.

So listen up, because today at noon we are inviting all of our agents out to have the first look at this. This is like a wedding. You’re going to have the first look, the reveal of this house at noon.

At one o’clock, we’re going to do a Facebook live and kind of go through the home and show it off on Facebook for the first time.

And then we want you guys to have all of these assets that you can share so you can try to be the the the buyer’s agent on this.

Wouldn’t that be awesome? Now would be perfect.

You said the Facebook client won. Some of the details regarding that is I think we’re going to go room to room, talk about that, a little bit of room to room.  

And my idea, depending on who’s here and who’s, you know, here in plenty of time, we’ll position each one of you in a room. And then when we get to that room and ask you what your favorite feature of that room is and you know, we can talk about it and interview. Are you very good?

That’s amazing. So that’s an opportunity for you as an agent to participate. Right. So we’re excited for you to be able to do that. But please get here early. The time to arrive is noon. That will allow you to become comfortable in this property.

One of the things that I’ve seen when you go to super premium properties like this and it happens to you all the time, being a luxury broker like yourself is that when people walk in their mind, just like just pulling in, you can’t even understand it because there’s so much.

Right. It’s so big. It’s so elegant. The furniture is amazing.

It’s fully furnished currently like amazingly furnished by a World-Class designer named Angourie, living in the weeks with a great living.

Very good. So super premium designer laid everything out right in it. It really tell. You can really totally tell.  
You’re like, wow, this is amazing. So you’ll get to do that.

But we want you to know what’s going on so we can have you participate.

This is a good exercise.

You brought this up that when you are showing a luxury listing and you have clients who are going to get overwhelmed with all you want them to, you want them to be totally wowed by certain things. So it’s your job to keep them on track. Right.

There’s so many features to see. They’re not going to they’re not going to see everything and grasp everything in the first, is it? So what you want to do is take them through and wow them first and get them on, you know, super interested and then come back in and show them the rest. I think that’s a good approach, a very good one to leave in here with, like wanting to see more.

All right. So again, back to the agents arrive at noon, one o’clock. We’re going to have that.

Bring your own food.  
We didn’t even bring any food. That’s a me thing to send you up to. But bring your own brown bag lunch here.
You’re welcome to sit and eat and then be ready at one o’clock for Facebook Live.

And Logan’s going to be here with this studio. And if you guys haven’t participated with this studio, it is really cool.

So you’ll get to use that. I think we can have four different cameras that will go into it. It’s like a tech thing. If you were into tech, like is into tech and you’ll really enjoy this.

Or maybe, you know, you definitely are, Sean, is your team certified, you really are. All right. So back to what else they can do. So one o’clock they’re going to do that then if they want, Logan’s going to be here with the cameras and some other things. Logan has some items to capture. So if he is successful in capturing everything that he needs to do in regards to the listing, then we might have some opportunities. He has all the video equipment, audio stuff so he can record what we do.

We do need to get some things.

Yes. So once Logan gets that all completed, then we could have further discussions and then we have a later opportunity tonight.

So this is a special bonus opportunity. So it’s really cool out here in the evening.

So it’s Friday night if you’re looking for a date night with your spouse. No, no kids today.

This is a no kid day up here. If you’re looking for a date with your spouse, then you can plan to come out here and have a double date or a quadruple date, depending on who’s coming with us. Maybe we’ll have some wine and cheese and, you know, have a good time. So the only thing here is we need to know if you’re coming. We don’t need to know that you’re coming at four o’clock. We need to know before noon that you’re going to come with your spouse this evening, OK?

We don’t want to what we I mean, I guess it would be you come early, you come early, early in, come early, 4:00 or 5:00, whatever.

But just let us know that you’re planning to do the evening or the the the second bonus showing with your spouse so we can prepare for that.

And I wanted to make that opportunity available for a couple of reasons. One, because maybe some people were busy during the day.

So this is an opportunity for you as an agent to come out later in the day to bring your spouse if you wanted to come out by yourself and wait from your spouse or one adult friend.

I don’t want to I don’t want to assume that everybody is married out there. So if you have an adult companion, then you can bring them as well.

Anna wants to come and I bet if she got on the on the next flight, you could make it.

Yes. And you can definitely get here.
There is I think there’s direct flights from Mexico City directly. There are to probably are we closer to Love Field or DFW?

Probably I don’t know why I put you on the spot with that question. I can Google that one. I hate when I ask a question, I can actually Google, and especially when it put China on the spot with it.

Something that I had to learn to deal with a lot better, but we look forward to seeing you guys very soon and I think that’s about it.

Come prepared and you can get your own stuff accomplished that you want as an agent in your spare time while you’re here as well.  

Without further ado, out of work.
Great work spots there is and good Internet here, great Internet, and if you have, Shawna, we will let you on the Wi-Fi.

We think we would probably go for it now.
We were in Spain one time and this is. And we talked all the time, they told us that we’re looking for wi fi and then what?

And the reason we were like, oh, we feel so now we passed away.
So have you ever her fault? We don’t think. And she could also be the wi fi and the WiFi. She is the wi fi.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.12.21

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