Award Mike Shepherd- Special announcement, special announcement, let’s show a screen shot at harnessing in that oh my gosh, she has a great voice anyway.

So I don’t know if you guys have been following this, but even just after Thanksgiving, we started seeing, like, a lot of these contracts coming through right now. And it’s not it’s been nonstop to today, even nonstop contracts just move and move and move and can’t stop Wednesday. It can’t stop every day. So we have a new badass in town and just totally took it.

It normally doesn’t necessarily transfer this quickly. Susan did a great job in getting it and she took it from Jody. And it’s been transferring a lot.

Yeah, really. So we had you know, we had to plan this one out. So hold it right there, Omkar. So we had to plan it out and we’ll never go back. There we go. Susan and I, you know, we like crazy. We like to have fun. So we try to plan something where we can pass on the bell and it would be something fun. So I called this bad ass in and said, hey, I have some extra beer.

Award Mike Shepherd

I made up this story about beer that I had. I needed to get rid of it. And, you know, we don’t drink it. I’m going to drop it off. OK, cool. So Susan got in the car, she had the belt and it was the whole thing. She got in the back of the jeep and we drove over there. On the way there, we realized we didn’t even have any beer. So we had to stop and get beer, get over there, pulled up and to give the new bad ass, which is I think you all know Mike Shepherd.

So we pull up in his driveway, he comes out, he has no idea Susan’s in the back. And we talk for, I don’t know, 15, 20 minutes. And I’m thinking, oh, my gosh, Susan’s in the very back of the jeep, like all hunkered down. And so I said, well, it’s a beer.

And he opened the door and Susan almost looked like she flashed at him, but she didn’t. She had the belt on and he was like, whoa, what are you doing? What are you doing in here? And it totally caught him off guard and it was

great. And so we went to all congratulate him. You know, this is two years in a row at the end of the year when people kind of sit back and take them, take a little relaxer that, you know, he doesn’t.

And he had you know, he’s experienced a lot of things through the holidays. They had losses in their families and sicknesses in their families and had to travel. And it’s just amazing to see how one can persevere and keep going through tough times like that. I mean, it’s really hard. You guys know the balance alone is difficult.

So Mike didn’t just commit to work during this. He’s been he’s been a maniac. So he committed to not just work with him. He traveled with his family. Yeah. I mean, they’ve had a lot of items go on and we’re not going to share each of those. But it has been tremendous what he’s done with his wife and what he’s done for his family. In the distance, distances driven and the amount of miles he’s put on the vehicle, how he’s attended to his clients. And then he’s just totally shell in the way. Right. So you can do more than you think. And you’re totally capable for sure.

And that inspires me. He always inspires us. He has. We’ve always thought Mike Shepherd is like the Mike Shepherd. So, you know, him and Stephanie are awesome. And we appreciate them so much. And thank you, Mike. I mean, he’s amazing.

Great job. He totally is. So he’s the first two time winner.

He’s the first two time winner in the bar. Just went, oh, so this is going to be hard to take from this time.

So it is.  

But good luck to everybody out there. It is available to be taken as soon as today. So be amazing. Maybe this helps and encourages you and allows you to learn just a little bit of something from what Mike did. And you’re able to see what is possible.

And that’s the whole idea behind this traveling trophy of the badass woman, right. Is we want you to have it, to bring it, to encourage everyone to achieve these things, to show off what’s possible and to aspire to do it right. And you’re supposed to be shown the way and lead what’s going on in your career. And it’s not necessarily sales. There’s a lot that goes into it. And there is.

But he was just raised a lot that goes into it. And just so you know, Mike, there was a lot that went into the decision on which beer we would we were going to choose for you, too. All right.

Which is fun. No, but it’s true.  I am truly proud of you. And the bar just went up and you all need to get after it.

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