Bad Ass Amy Gasperini

Bad Ass Amy Gasperini – Well, congratulations, Amy Gasperini , it is awesome to have you here. Thank you very much for joining us. You just received the award live. You got your bad ass bell and you truly deserve it. Thank you. You know, it’s it’s one of those things working with your sister. That it is amazing. And it gives and it takes. But it’s so giving. And it was one of those things that sometimes I do a bad job of recognizing all the greatness that happens to be you and maybe even make it more difficult for you that I should write in kind of going either way for that.

But it was it was about time. And Stacey stood up and says, hey, I think it’s about time. Oh, gosh. So I on your behalf, she did make it right. So Shana and I had talked about it and we had seen it and we had known everything that you have going on.

And so you’ve been working on a lot of different contracts simultaneously. You’ve had very good success with with buyers and sellers. And you had a ton of transactions going through. Right. So you’ve had that. You’ve been helping me up at the lake with some super premium stuff that we’re working on there with our new development. So I’m very excited about that. And you’ve been providing just amazing input and taking care of things and getting things scheduled out and making all the contacts that we need.

So that’s been phenomenal and I’ve really enjoyed that process working with you. Now, then you have this new build a relationship when Newport Homes that you’re starting to manage with us. We were fortunate enough to walk into that one and it just kind of worked out. And you’re in charge. Yeah, I’m stepping aside and you’re fully, fully in charge of that. So I’m excited about what that brings to our company and the fact that you’re you’ve been doing such a good job with it and you have such a great relationship with Ken. Yes.

And lots of amazing opportunities to come. Yeah. A lot of people are super excited. So we’re rocking out here today. And I think this is kind of like a Coachella type thing. Have you ever been to Coachella? No, no. Coachella. No, Coachella Koczela, yeah, have you been to Burning Man? Oh, no.

What do I look like?

Well, hasn’t been to either of those, but she is currently the reigning badass, and we’re super proud of you. So in addition to that, you have some rental property that you man and you also have kids. You have you manage my you manage

Our family, most importantly, time consuming. Wow.

Thank you for that. That is tremendous on how you manage him as well. Right. He takes he takes a lot of extra care. I happen to have the same name and. Wow. Thank you for all the efforts that you put in there. You’re truly spectacular.

Yes. Thank you.

All right. So congratulations. Do you have anything you’d like to say and kind of talk about this? Like, because this is your time just to discuss it and reflect on it?

No, I mean. Well well, thank you. That was very nice. I appreciate it. There’s so many rock stars and bad asses that came before me so super sweet. And I guess it’s an honor to be amongst them. No, I mean, it’s just a lot of work and. But it’s been fun. It really has. So I’m excited to have opportunities to come and continue. So.

All right. Well, that’s awesome, Amy. So I when I picked it up yesterday and so I picked it up from Rachel, who signed it just last, and she didn’t do anything wrong. Right. You know,

When you the fell. I’m seeing some names here. Yeah. I mean, this is quite the honor because I see a lot of impressive people ahead of me.

Yeah. So when I picked it up from her, she was like, do you mind if I ask who it’s going to? Right. And she it wasn’t that she you know, she. I know. Right. So anyway, she was and she said, do you mind if I guess. Right. And she says, is it Amy? And so she guessed it herself. And I was like, wow, wow. All right. So that was extremely impressive.

And that was an opportunity and chance.

Yeah. So Rachel recognized it as well. So that’s impressive that, you know, it’s you know, Rachel is holding hard on to that.

She she really did. She’s been doing a great job. And we also had a few other people that were making a super hard push at it simultaneously. And we were like, oh, no. Right. And we’re like, all right. So it’s got to move. And it did. So eventually there’s going to be a day when I pick it up from you. So don’t cry when that happens.

But I’m going to guess who I guess at that time. Yeah, you can go ahead and guess and see what that all is. But Amy, congratulations to you. You’ve been amazing. Hit the bell and we can move on to the next topic.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.4.21

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