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Website backlinks do work if you’re an agent and you’re thinking to yourself, like, hey, what’s up? Does this work? Should I be doing it? Should I be spending my time here? Should I get right in making all these things work? So we’re going to go over a quick review of some software that we utilize to kind of explore back links, keep track of them and understand what’s going on.

And we can see exactly who’s linking to your site and from where. We’re going to also show you how it gets better results and how it’s great for getting traffic over a period of time. It doesn’t work like immediately, but it does work consistently. Yeah, that’s super important. Very important item there. Right. So that will help us out there.

We’re going to be going over piece of software called SEM Rush. It’s one that we utilize. We have a subscription for and we kind of monitor quite a few things in there in particular. But yesterday during our agent workshop, we were going over a bunch of things that were important. And today we’re going to kind of dovetail on that and talk about back links. So a back link is when we have a another Web site that externally links from that Web site to our site.

But most specifically, what you would be interested in as an agent is to link directly to your agent profile page and what that does that gives you link to. OK, so it’s a real thing to link juice. Yes. So what happens is the Internet is going to reward you for having more inbound links from other credible sources to your specific page.

It’s going to say you’re important essentially at the end of the day. Right. So that’s what we want to do, is make you more important. So we want to have a bunch of things pointing directly to the same page for you. So if you go to / your agent name.

So that page there is where we want to push people to. So how would you go about doing that? You’d get links from different profiles, whether it happens to be maybe your realtor dot com profile, maybe a review on some website where you would go out there and you put a comment and a some type of gallery and you link it back, maybe something from Facebook, maybe a video that you post in YouTube and hire the authority ranking for that website. Like, more important, they are.

So, for example, maybe if, like The New York Times did an article and linked directly to you, that’s can be extremely valuable or any place that is extremely credible and that has a lot of viewers that are looking at it should be more difficult to get. So they’re going to reward you. Yeah. OK, so that’s what that is. We’re going to take the link and we’re going to chat this. And he should be able to see some of these items on your site. But most importantly, we’re in a kind of show off the screen right now and see if we can do that for you.

Perfect, so I’m going to grab control of this year and I’m going to kind of go over what this is. So this is a back link audit that we have on our website. And as I pull that up, what we’re going to see is we are currently looking at websites with authority scores of eighty one to one hundred. So these are super high rated websites. So the ones that we are looking at here, Yahoo! Links to us. So they’re super highly rated. There are ninety one for the rating and you see that over here. So Yahoo! Linking to that is great. So if you created maybe like a Google my business account and linked that directly to your agent profile, that would be great.

Did the same thing with a Yahoo profile that will totally help you Google. So if you just did one thing for today, link, create a Yahoo profile for your for you as an agent and link that directly to your agent profile and you’ll have huge success. So that’s the one takeaway. So I don’t know if you are going to do that as soon as we get done with or are you with the session or if you’re doing it right now, maybe just wait a minute and let’s look at a couple other things. Right. We have DeMaio’s.

This is another place that’s linking to us WordPress. And these are places that are rated between 80 and 100. So those are super, highly rated. Then we’re going to pull down here and look at some ones that are rated a little bit lower for Rachel. So Zoho is rated here. Yeah, right. And so we have that AMP in WordPress is when it came directly to us. All right.

So this is some new construction stuff, Dun and Bradstreet linking. So again, Zillow. So Zillow, if we look here, this is Jodis, OK, and this is Jodis Agent Profile. And on Zillow this is linking directly to directly to her as an agent. So we’ll see that on backslash profile backslash. Jodi Galey is linked correctly here and she’s getting very, very good use of this Yooralla because it’s a very highly rated one. So she’s likely to get a lot more people to her page because this one link in particular.

And so I know you touched on this yesterday, but she’s not paying right for correct. You know, contributing to the Zillow group at all. This is all just setting up a profile type of profile anywhere. And it comes right back to you. You know, and our job is to make sure that that is happening. That’s what they are doing.

Yeah. This one in particular is another Hannah one. So this is Hannah Ewing is probably YellowPages is linked directly here and she’s a realtor and it has a link directly to this. So that’s her YellowPages City Pages has links. I’m trying to find ones with other agents in particular that have done a great job with this, because we need to point out also from those types of other.

Really good. Very good. Yeah, no, I’ll go looking through here. I definitely did see some regional ones and it just takes me a little bit of time to read from and kind of look at them and then they’ll kind of show up here. Can you prosper? I mean, we just have a lot of links in particular, but those are a couple where I was able to point out other agents. Some of them are direct properties that you have as agents. And let me see if maybe we’re in here. There’s just lots of links.

But we want you always want more of them and you want them pointing directly to you as your agent profile. That will definitely help you. OK, so now seeing the exact ones from Rachel. But anyways, now you know that we can see who is putting in the effort and who’s getting so we can help you out there and which ones have you guys are more likely to get some more in the future.

So we have Megan Rutherford is linked in here and this is kind of going through it looks like Twitter, Facebook and with ID Kraul is where that one happens to be linked from. So we’ll go over this more in depth later on. I don’t want to kind of go through the whole thing right here, but it goes over which sites are most important and what we’re kind of doing.

Very good. Thank you. You’re good for that for for doing that for us. It is a funny thing. It does take a period of time and it will start to show up. You won’t get immediate results to date yet. But you do because we’ve seen it work.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.19.21

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