Availability = Your Best Asset

Availability – Good morning, Shana Acquisto, broker of Acquisto Real Estate, and I’m here with my son, this is kind of cool that I have my son Tanner Acquisto on TNT today, you know, last week, my God, to have him on and now it’s my turn. So I’m glad we were able to share this together. So we’re going to talk about a lot of our successes that he’s had. And you know how all of it kind of boils down to opportunity.

So, you know, personally, I feel that availability was your best asset and we’re going to tie it in and talk about how availability can be our best asset. So you did a really good job of working ahead. So you worked ahead. And I think because you always stayed a step ahead, it enabled you to kind of be present and available. So you can see these opportunities that we’re starting to present themselves. Right. If you’re always behind the, you know, one step behind, then, you know, your your your heads down and your you’re playing catch up. So can we talk about that a little bit and how, you know, how you did work ahead and what that did for you?

Well, I guess working at started in high school, it was kind of something that, you know, I think it was a combination of the things that, you know, people told us to do or encourage us to do throughout high school and throughout my undergraduate that, you know, maybe even a lot of people, even though they were exposed to the idea of didn’t take advantage of. So I guess, you know, it’s really it’s kind of idea of being available kind of makes sense and in a way that, you know, kind of just need to be willing to take advantage of opportunities that you are even exposed to from the beginning.

So I guess it started with, you know, are you the person that does their homework as they’re going to class or do you look at it and look at what you have and try to work ahead? Right. And I think that’s kind of what we as real estate agents kind of fall into. Right. So we’re it gets crazy. So if we ever have a time that we can come up for air, then it’s like, oh, this is great. But really, are we really using our time wisely? I don’t know that we are so being available. Be flexible in your schedule and you know how this allows you to say yes.

So I think that a couple of things that you can do to be available and work ahead in our world would be, for example, if you’re working with a client and you know they’re going to put an offer in, go ahead and type that up, get it typed up. And if you don’t have the time for that, then seek help. You know, we have a lot of us. We work together as our real estate family to help one another get these things done in advance.

What can you do to work ahead that will create more availability for you? And you can be present and you can see these opportunities and it allows you to say, yes, you know, we talk a lot about, you know, we’re going to have to learn to say no because we say yes to everything. But I think a little tweaking there and just making yourself available and understanding that if you create that availability for yourself, it also creates opportunity. So so I’m proud of you. You know, you’ve taught me a lot, really.

I mean, your whole life. I feel like I’ve learned tons from you, but that’s I mean, you’ve done that so well, and I’m proud of you for that. So, OK, well, we got another great topic. So let’s hit the bell and move on.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 6.16.21

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