Real estate word of the day is assessment, so let’s go ahead and take and utilize this would define it for us. So assessment is. The placing of value on property for the purpose of taxation. That’s the word assessment. And so now we may possibly use it in a sentence.

Me? OK, if you if you’d like to see appraiser. Gave an assessment on your property.

Perfect, so that’s going to be that he’s trying to figure out the value for taxation purposes so that they can do this is the most likely that what she was talking about isn’t like real estate and primary residence, maybe the place you live.

But there could be an assessment on any type of property, whether it’s land, whether it’s a primary residence, whether it’s commercial or residential. It doesn’t really much matter the assessment made and they’re going to assess it and tax you based on that amount. OK. Thank you very much. All right. Rachel, that we need.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 4.9.21

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