Are you your own boss?

Are you your own boss as a realtor? That is my boss right there. Her name is Shana Acquisto, so she’s a luxury real estate broker and we’re going to talk about, are you your own boss in real estate?

We’ve been doing this now for, I don’t know, 20 some years, and we wonder if we’re actually our own boss is a typical agent who just starts their own boss and we kind of have to look at from a bunch of different angles. We have multiple bosses.

I think I’m my own boss, but then I want you to be my boss. You are my boss. And then sometimes Stacy is my Boss, and then sometimes our guys are really the ones that are in charge. It just seems like, you know, then your children are, then the agents really are our bosses because we try to leave as lead a servant leadership.

And there’s all this stuff that’s going on, right? So as an agent, let’s kind of go through this because a lot of people do get into real estate because they like flexibility.

And you guys might be sitting there thinking, I’ve been in real estate for years. I don’t need to hear this. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Because this is a new year and it’s a time to reassess. You know, after so many years, what I’ve seen being in the business, one hundred years, I see that people get burnout and we saw it last year when we all got busy. You kind of you’re so busy.

And if you ever have any downtime, you’re just like, Oh, you burn out. And I see that people start to, you know, either get out of the business, get burn out of the business and then what do you do? And we do believe I do that you should always continue to grow your career, right?

You are the boss. So you need to look back at what took place last year and what your challenges were and what all of your successes were, and balance it out and make some modifications and continue because it’s all up to you. It’s not up to us. We try to give and supply you with all the tools and guidance. But it’s essentially you guys, you are your own boss, you’re the CEO of your business.

Everyone is an independent contractor. Yep, right. So you ultimately get to choose what’s going on. But you know, it’s it’s a real thing to go ahead and be in charge yourself.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. So, you know, I just I I challenge you all to think about, you know, it takes years and we’ve we’ve spoke about this recently multiple times. It takes years to grow your business. And if you don’t have proper planning, you could fail even in an amazing market, right? You could have had the best year of your life. But if you don’t keep plugging along and keep consistent, you know you could see you could run into some real challenges.

And I think you fail to be your own boss when you stop working on the business and you work in the business, there should be consistent amount of working in the business. In the beginning, it’s like all that. It’s kind of like alone, right? So you get a loan from the bank, and in the beginning you’re paying like all interest and just like a little bit of principle. Yep, right. So that’s when you’re working and that’s when you’re working in the business.

And just like a little bit on an over time, that number keeps going like this. And the deeper you get into it, the more you’re able to work on things. And what you want to do is consistently be replacing the items within your career that are like the lower ones and always be working on the higher level items.

Yes, and growing. Yeah, just grow and mature and get better at it, but never stopped caring because that’s super important. I got the opportunity to speak with a client directly yesterday that really appreciates everything you do.

Wow. And I will say this client sold their home 10 years ago, 10 years ago. So tell the story you had to go to closing.

And yeah, I guess I went to closing. I didn’t even know that I saw him the other day. He’s like, Hey, it’s good to see you, Mike. And I was like, Oh, hello, how are you? And he was like, I haven’t seen you since my closing. And I’m like, Yeah, I suppose so. And I didn’t recognize him from anybody, right?

I mean, like, there’s a lot of things and I’m a guy and I forget whatever all that is right. But he truly, truly appreciated. And when I spoke with him about it, I said, You know, the big change that happened to us is we stopped worrying about money and we start started to focus on just our client and doing the right thing for them.

And when we did that, we saw that the business really came back, but we were able to focus and just truly, truly care and give to the person in front of us. Yeah. And then it all kind of worked out and he’s like, I truly felt that, you know, Sean is a great job.

Switch and started caring, every single one of you has a huge heart and cares deeply, and that’s why we love having you. Part of our real estate family, right? But. It’s really focusing on that. You know, we have to earn a living, too, and that’s super important, but that can take over and almost cause you to slip in that what who you truly are, right, because you’ve applied your focus somewhere else. So you have to always stay true to that and everything will fall into place. Do the right thing.

Yeah, don’t make bad business decisions, but I think just truly give in. Just know that tomorrow you’re going to get up, you’re going to work hard, you’re going to do all those things. And you know that every single day of the year you’re going to try and you’re going to care. But when you flip the switch and really make that change, your income just like

It’s not easy, you guys, you have to just kind of sit back because the market’s going to change. And anyone who got in in the in the hype? Well, kudos to you because people think that’s easy. And I almost think that may be one of your hardest times to get into the business because you come in and it’s kind of like, Oh, you know, you just do. You don’t you’re not sitting around like twiddling your thumbs.

So it could almost be a harder time to get into the business. But I encourage you all to stop, and hopefully that’s what you’re doing this month is you’re analyzing last year, you’re focusing on this year and you’re putting all of your plans in place of what worked and what didn’t work. But what often happens is we end up falling to where the businesses are boss, right?

And we’re just we are not in charge anymore. We let the clients all of these different things of the business control us. And it doesn’t have to be like that. I mean, it truly doesn’t.

That’s where when you become the boss yourself and you truly take control and then you truly give in and let your business right, do the right things about caring for the others and know that your hard work and efforts and you’re caring is going to work out right and you don’t fear it and you drop all of that. It just becomes so much easier.

It’s a relationship business, which we know if you just focus on, and it shouldn’t be hard because that’s who you are. Focus on the client and their needs. And when you’re focused on a client focus only on that client, the other clients want your undivided attention just as this client that you’re working on. So you need to give them undivided attention care plan.

And that’s where Meghan is really good at helping you guys with that balance and growing your business and, you know, having a plan, you need

That when your business will go ahead and double. It’s really crazy that the minute you do that. Your business doubles it.

Will your clients feel it, you close more, you may notice you have more confidence, know your fire, close your height, your clothes rate will go off your clothing when your clients know, and all of a sudden it just works. You’ll get more referrals, more repeat. It just works. I don’t know how else to say it.

It does. So take some time and reflect. Get your ducks in a row. I love saying that.

And have they actually literally do sleep like know? It’s kind of crazy. And I’m like, Oh, that phrase did come from somewhere as they were born, which is really weird. There’s a pecking order. I got all the duck jokes. You do. All needs a good shot at the side of her.

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