Are you a courteous listing agent

Are you a courteous listing agent? That is the question right here that we need to discuss. That is Shawna Acquisti. She is wearing a hat, as am I. She’s a luxury real estate broker. Thank you. To McKinney Hat Company or put together some awesome hats for us.

And let’s go ahead and talk about things that are important for being courteous. Listing agent like yes. So being a courteous listing agent really goes a long way. People remember these things, right? If they did not, they remember more. If they had a bad experience than a great experience, just remember that. So here’s a couple of things. If you have a listing.

Yes. And this is coming from a personal experience that I had last week. So we were negotiating a contract, working through it. And in the meantime, showings continued to happen on our listing. So we had an executed a contract, say mid morning. We had a showing that happened right before that. And then she went to schedule a second showing later in the afternoon after the contract was executed, a contract was executed and it was under contract and she was furious. She called me and she’s like, Why would you let me come and view this home?

Why wouldn’t you have told me? You know, and she was just upset. And so I said, Well, you know, we don’t necessarily have to do that, but I understand your your frustration. But maybe next time you could call as well. Right. So the phone does work both ways. Phone does work both ways.

But, you know, in understanding how upset she was, I thought, you know, this would be a good reminder for us that if you’re going to continue and allow the showings right after you’ve executed a contract or if you’ve executed a if you’re executing a contract and you have future showings, I think that would be very courteous to just give them a call and say, Hey, I don’t want you to waste your time.

However, we would really love for you to show the property and we would accept a backup offer, right? So just I think a little courtesy goes a long way and just think of those things and how you feel when that happens to you and, you know, try to just be a little more courteous.

All right. So if we go back to your timeline and we’re to plot it on a map here, you said early morning showing by the agent for the first time. Yeah. Then actually we were negotiating the contract the day before, so that’s fine. So you were negotiating it. Okay, so start the day before you’re currently working with somebody to try to get a contract executed. Yes, but you don’t have one executed. You have one. And you know, you never.

No, no, no. Yeah. So then the next morning, early on, you have the first showing for this person? Yeah, totally. Fine. There’s nothing to report there. Then you execute a contract or, you know, a lot of times we will call and say, Hey, are you working anything? I’m coming.

My client’s interested. Are you working any offers? Right. And so remember that side too. It’s always good to ask the questions. Then you execute a contract, say, midday, right? And then so the showing before that, you would have no idea. Then the person goes to schedule a second showing and then you have the conversation, right?

Well, she saw then it was under contract. So she’s like, I’m coming back to, to write an offer. And I’ve already showed it to them. I didn’t know that you were working an offer, or then it just goes under contract. You should have let me know that this morning. Well, you can’t foresee the future right before that happens. So you can’t. But just just a reminder, you know, let’s be courteous.

And and if you you know, if you are working a contract and you do execute a contract and you have future showings, just call them, let them know. And then if you’re under option, I mean, it’s going to show under option. We have three days. So to put it under option, if there’s a delay in in changing the status, then I just think it’s a good idea to reach out, give them a heads up of what’s going on. Excellent. Yeah. Sounds good. Yeah. That’s it. Double.

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