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Hello, there. Good morning, it’s Mike Acquisto, it’s good to see you guys. We have an Apple topic and a new topic, an interesting one. We’re going to talk about Apple and that they’re announcing the first couple of states that they have that are going to allow you to save your driver’s license. Yes, your driver’s license inside your cell phone. So you have it with you all the time and you’re able to be identified correctly legally in each of those different things.

Now, as we kind of start to think through this, how does this apply to real estate? How does it apply to these different things, right? And where does this potentially leading us? So now just kind of think about this, you know, there’s a lot of times when you’re supposed to have your license with you, but maybe you don’t.

So with it being saved on your phone, it’s maybe more convenient, right? But maybe it presents other types of problems because there’s all types of things where maybe sometimes you want to be not identified here in the United States.

We’re not required to carry certain things, right? And so it’s one of our freedoms, and having the driver’s license with you is something, but you’re allowed to kind of like, forget it and be a person who is not really identified, you know, so in certain communities, having the driver’s license on you isn’t something that you don’t do because you don’t want to be identified. If maybe you’re, you know, you’re proven innocent until until guilty in something like that.

But now, if we have our driver’s license, we take this piece and we combine it here and now we have it here on the phone. Now that does a whole different level of items. So now as we kind of talk about security, we talk about personal privacy.

Those are words that would come up as it relates to that, right? But now if we have our driver’s license on the phone, does it make it better for us as real estate agents? Because if we have it here and we can easily identify people and maybe this is how we use as a key to get into the home, right? Maybe the person can easily identify themselves to us.

Maybe it helps make us as agents a little bit more safe as we’re starting to show the properties. So these are all different things that are happening here, and it’s weird how technology comes at us, but it comes at us way faster than we think these things move super, super fast. So we’re going to go ahead and take a look at this page in particular and announces the first states that allow you to do this.

Texas is not on the list, and we’ll see if they do eventually get there. But these states are starting so Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will be the first states to go ahead and do that, you know, and I don’t know exactly how I feel about this, but what I do know is that there’s going to be a lot of changes coming up and changes coming quickly in our world and things are coming at us so fast right now.

You know, I was out in the wilderness and I was out there with Dave, with Collin and with Austin. And we did some back country hiking over the last couple of days in Yellowstone, and it was truly amazing for me to get to have these different experiences.

And we kind of looked back and thought about things. And we were like, how long in our history as a country were people still living like this where they went across the country in a wagon and where they took their life? And, you know, we’re out in the elements and we’re lucky to survive the winter, so to speak, right? I saw a wagon the other day that people toured the country or not toured it, but moved from across the country and settled the West.

And I saw how big it was and I saw what it was, and I was like, This is crazy that a horse pulled a person across the the whole country. In this thing that looked like it was a coffin is how big it was, and it had no springs or anything in how hardy people were and where we’ve come.

And, you know, just over a hundred years as a society to where all of a sudden now we’re making the leap that we’re taking a legal document like our license, maybe our passport, maybe each of these different IDs and putting it here, how crazy it is that now you can take this phone and you can also buy things with it, and it becomes the way that you can purchase things as well with Apple Pay or Samsung Pay or any one of those different cash apps.

It’s really crazy that all of a sudden things like bitcoin are now becoming national currencies and accepted to be able to purchase things, and that news just came out yesterday. So how fast are we changing and where have we come from in such a quick time frame? That’s why we’re here to help you through each of these different items.

We try to stay on top of things that are coming in the near future, in the distant future and work through each one of these items for you so you can stay on top of it. And how do we steer this back now into real estate, right? So this is again one of those topics. Except as you’re out there speaking with potential clients or your friends or one of those things that you now have.

And as this comes up, you can relate it maybe to safety back to you, and that would be something that they’re interested in talking about. Maybe it’s something that you talk about it from a political stance like, I believe in this because I feel this way or I believe in it this way, because that way, I’m not going to take my political stance here and identify that for you.

But it would give you an opportunity as you’re talking with somebody to go ahead and identify, right, what’s going on. So as we kind of walk through this, you’re getting all these different opportunities to kind of discuss, to interact and to talk about real estate with your clients. But I’m trying to give you a different angle to have that conversation that most other people are possibly not considering. So I hope that helps you out today. Topic closed.

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