Angel Family 2020

Angel family gift Delivery- All right, so thank you to everybody for assisting, we kind of came together and I was very, very happy and proud of everybody for their contributions.

Guys did such an amazing job of contributing to our angel family, and they were so grateful. You know, we did let them know with covid. We would have loved for everybody to be able to to go and deliver these, but with their health and just trying to be covered friendly. You know, we couldn’t do that this year. All right.

So we’re going to flip over and split the screen and show off a couple of pictures. So we were able to take and bring these presents over and there were a lot of them. So we got together and these presents were wrapped here. We had small gatherings and get togethers to be able to wrap the presents.

And Shana and I put the hats on. And so there’s a good picture there and that we brought over all these gifts and it was really an amazing thing. We took the amount that they asked for and I believe greatly exceeded it. Would that be about what it is? Yeah, and it was kind of impressive, right? I mean, this family had a difficult time. That’s why they’re on the list.

And that’s why we aim to help them. And their road to recovery will be long. And to get back to financial health, to be able to do it. But don’t people deserve that great Christmas and everything else? Right. As young children, so sweet family, we did put together quite a bit more and some of the things that you kind of went through.

Angel family gift Delivery

So we got the donations from everybody and then we’re like, no, we need to do more. And we just continue to add on to it from our side. And we wanted to make sure that we far exceeded what they had asked for and to be able to look and think from the outside and see like what do they really need?

And those know when you get behind, it’s really hard. You know, you start to get your job back and collecting a paycheck, then you got to pay your bills, your current bills. So. So going back and making up for that and paying off old debt and, you know, it’s really difficult.

So some of the things that you got were also items to be able to help them out just a little bit. So you exceeded their list and added to it significantly. And we hope to be able to do that again next year and continue to expand upon it. So if you guys want to know more specifics about it, we’re happy to speak whenever, but just let everyone know that it went very, very well.

Yes. And thank you. We couldn’t have done this without you guys. So you guys all contributed and should feel really good about what you did because you were able to, you know, provide this family a really nice Christmas and then help after Christmas. So some of these things, you know, as far as groceries and  things like that, we were able to do, because when Christmas is over, it’s back to reality and you still have these issues. So I’m glad that we were able to to go a little beyond that and do something a little more.

So as you continue to grow in your career and you get and you obtain more success than you know, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have this feeling that there’s a responsibility to do more and to help out in different ways.

So as a company, we’ve continued to do that each time that we’ve had an opportunity to and just to be thankful and understand that you got here for a specific reason. And so it’s just kind of a moral code. And never forget where you came from yourself, I think.

-Angel Family gift Deilvery-

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