What are Amazon’s new home devices ?

Amazon, yes, Amazon revealed their new home devices just yesterday, and we have them hot off the shelf for you. We’re going to go ahead and check in that link for you and split the screen and review them real quick and see how these changes that these big tech companies are making will trickle down and have an impact within the homes that you are selling.

So one of the big announcements is this robot. I don’t know if that has anything to do with homes, so I’m going to quickly skip that one and move on.

So Omkar, as we progress down through these a little bit, we’re going to get into ones that might have a little bit more to do. Keep on scrolling if we can. Come on. Let me see. Perfect, now we got down to doorbell related stuff. So Amazon has their newer doorbell out and I’m going to take control.

I’ve went through this article and I have a little bit more stuff with it, so they have elder care services that they’re starting to bring together with the doorbell. And that is interesting because we do have in real estate specific things for fifty five and over that are communities related just to that.

And I don’t know that fifty five is like elder care, but as you do get older, there are things right? There’s like the life alert button and there’s all these different things and they’re bringing that and tying it together. And that’s what this kind of is here.

Elder care, Amazon Alexa doorbell all of those things getting tied together and getting sent to the cloud probably helps quite a few people out. You know, maybe this is something that kind of came up during the virus that it was better off if we were able to see some of those things.

Now does this work or not? I’m not really sure how this one ends up working, but this is an innovation that it’s a drone that shoots up here and flies around your home and works with Ring.

So you’re able to bring this up and have it fly inside your home so you can see what’s going on and then set it back down. So that’s interesting. You wouldn’t have to put cameras here, here, here, all around your property or inside your home, but rather this goes up and goes around kind of like a security guard. But flying around that one there is pretty interesting so that one on its own is two hundred and forty nine dollars. It’s an autonomous indoor camera for security.

Very interesting to me. And maybe that’s making some fundamental changes, right? So you start thinking about all the different sensors and all the different light places, all the different things that they put in the cameras in the homes.

And can you eliminate the need for 20 cameras inside your home to see all the different angles if you have this? So maybe that really does change things dramatically. You’ll see that they kind of have this base and this this pops up and goes around.

We can do a little bit more research on that one, but that is kind of interesting to me. They also have more video conferencing options that might not be too home related might be interesting, some kid related items that they can do and smart home that they have ambient computing.

Ok. And this is I don’t really understand what that one is yet. I probably need to do some more research with it, but it is related to homes. If anyone wants to spend a little bit more time diving into that one, it might be a future for future technology that we can look at and you can hang your echo on the wall.

So if that’s something you want, it kind of creates this visual for you and then you see it and you can do this. So why are these things kind of important? And we’ll swing back over here and go just to where we go? Perfect.

So why are these important? It’s because people make a lot of investments in their home and these competing alternatives for technologies, whether it happens to be you buy into the Apple ecosystem at your home and they have all this technology.

Where we’re going towards is a place where we have total home automation, but you buy into one of the systems and whether it happens to be apples, it happens to be Amazon’s or it happens to be Google’s.

Each one of these are moving towards having the complete platform, everything from your front doorbell, all the way to security to some type of voice assistant to run this, to turn your lights on, to do all types of things.

But they’re moving towards each one of these and they’re each getting better. So which one do you end up adopting or recommending for your client? Do they have to be Apple, Google or Amazon? I don’t know. I’m not sure, but there are advancements in the one that particularly interesting to me was the security kind of drone flying around the property.

And maybe that will help you out just a little bit. So maybe save all the different cameras, save the monthly monitoring fee, save all those things. I would have to find out if that is going to qualify for the insurance discount of having monitored home cameras.

But we’ll have to find out over a period of time. Anyone wants to reach out to Kyle and ask him. That question as it relates to that article might be interesting, and we would definitely welcome that. Thank you.

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