Amazon vs. Construction industry .

Amazon vs construction industry. So we’re going to talk about what this means. Right. And how they’re in conflict and how. Oddly enough, I’m going to try to display to you a connection between Amazon jobs and the construction industry.

And I think I talked about this just the other day that most younger people like when was the last time that you talked to somebody and they said, I want to grow up and become a and fill in one of these different. Yeah. Like who was like, I want to work on a construction site, right?

Who wanted to go into any type of construction. And the answer is it’s, it’s an ever decreasing amount of people, but yet somebody has to kind of do this.

And then it’s pretty fascinating. We’re kind of involved in it now, so it’s kind of cool.  

Yeah, but in society though, we get a whole group of people that end up having to make a choice because they didn’t like just the way things worked out for them. And then what I’ve heard a lot of people talk about recently is when they’re accepting this job, they get excited, oddly enough, to go work in a warehouse with Amazon.  

Is it the name? Like a name?

So that’s what I’m kind of asking you. Here it is. It the name? Is it the fact that it’s indoors? Is it marketing it? Amazon’s done the pay is often dramatically as good as Amazon pays. Yeah, the construction industry is currently paying more.

Is it because you’d have to sweat in one versus the other? Is it socially acceptable to work in an Amazon warehouse versus to be a roofer?

And how the difference between the two. Isn’t it really weird?

Yeah. But you know, what is really weird about it is all of those trades in the construction industry are skilled professions. Like they’re skilled like you. I mean, you can’t just go and have somebody start framing.

Just this last week I heard of two different people that were extremely excited to start a new job at Amazon in the warehouse. Really. Yeah. But they were not, would never consider the construction industry.

Maybe it is outdoor. I don’t know. Maybe it just has that stigma of it has a cachet to go work for Amazon even if you’re making dramatically less in society is said yes and society has said no.

Because it’s popular versus non.

It’s really, really weird. It’s funny even if you’re not following the money, how all of a sudden accepting that an Amazon pays great for the job that it is, right? But there’s other jobs that pay dramatically more and people are voting no. So what does that come back to?

Real estate is we’re going to continue to have a housing shortage, correct? Because people won’t do that. They will accept less to do something that is like in vogue. I guess if working at Amazon and a warehouse is in vogue for that specific type age generation.

We talked a lot about how that whole like, I guess what do you call it, trade like when you go to school for.

You know, those type of trade.

School, trade school. I mean, those jobs are necessary and they’re paying a lot of money. So why is that? Maybe more and more people will get into it now. Maybe maybe this will you know.

Maybe this article right here is really where it’s going to all change and the youth are going to change their mind on one of those things. Yeah. But right now they’re currently voting Amazon in that is a real estate problem. House prices.

It is a real estate continue to go up and it’ll only be exacerbated because of Amazon. And we also heard this morning that there are two jobs for every person looking for a job.

So that’s a true fact as of today, 330, 22 two jobs for every one person looking for it here in the US of a.

So we went through the craziest crisis of our life, the pandemic. And that’s where we are. Yes, we are crazy. We’re done. Amazon, it’s on you.

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 03.30.22

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