So today and maybe tomorrow, I don’t really know, but there’s a bunch of different items that are on Amazon Prime and maybe there’s some things that are important to you.

So just kind of like think about this and see what the items are that you want. I do have an item that I would like to get. So let me take the mouse and go ahead and do this and click over here. And if we can show the item that Mike is looking for on Amazon Prime, take it over here. And this is what I’m looking for. So if this happens to be on deal today, I’m looking for a nice five foot wood crafted cedar porch glider.

That’s what I’m looking for. That’s where I’m at in life, not a forefoot, not a two foot. I’m looking for the five footer.

And if this happens to go on dealer special, today might be something that I pick up. They might deliver it up there. So chatting and tell me what you are interested in and what your prime day shopping experience is going to be like. Are you going to be working today? You’re going to be shopping all day long online on Amazon Prime and buying some stuff. So let me know, should I take and go ahead and click and buy this bench now? Should I wait for the right price?

Maybe it goes on sale or should I be good and buy a local should I maybe go up to I think they call it third and one day and I don’t really know why it’s third Monday because it’s actually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on three eighty should be local and try to buy something. They’re handcrafted locally. Do they have it? I need to wait for Kanun first Monday, which is also like really on the weekend. I don’t know. All these things are confusing to me. But if you know better than I do, please let me know what I should do. And that is my question from me to you. Is that a real estate topic? The answer is no. But today is Amazon Prime Day, and it’s a big enough thing that you need to know about it.

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