Always be learning

All right, so always be learning that’s kind of important technology gives us a bunch of different ways. Always be closing. Well, that’s to ABC or always be, you know, ABC. Always be selling.

It will be ABC’s no, but Helen, you have to say it like that. This was a bad joke, no.

Anyway, always learning, you feel like we’re always learning. Yes. Even when we don’t realize it, but now it’s important.

So when formal education breaks down and you are at the end of your formal education, an informal education does pop up and that’s what becomes next. And the types of things that you can always do to continue to learn are going to be things like this. So this is a daily real estate talk show that we’re here for you guys Monday through Friday. Forty five a.m. Central Time and very consistent to go get your new car. No, you can learn. Well, what we’re trying to do is share topics that are important for you. In some days, there’s topics that come up. They’re like breaking news. Right. And there’s things that we need to work on. And sometimes it’s contracts and whatever. But those are always things that are evolving and learning. And the formal education stops at some point for everybody. Right. And then we move to this informal education on what you’re doing in your career, in particular as a real estate agent has a lot of different ways that you continue to learn. So some of them are books, books, reading, OK, now. So, yeah. And then, like we have all these things would like taking continuing education and picking the ones that are important for you. Some of the better continue education, things that you can take would be like there’s some designations that people consider to be premium ones, right?

Well, yes. And you know, there’s lots and lots of designations. And I think you go with ones that are recognized maybe and some that are going to offer a multitude of of different topics, such as the Győri Giri, like Gry as a

graduate, real real estate realtor institution. And it covers, you know, it’s a very time-consuming designation to get because you have four different topics in there, four days each month.

So, you know, it’s it’s a lot of days in a row and then you get this designation. But, man, everything that they cover are really, to me, relevant things for our industry. So that’s one in particular that I would suggest in now.

And see your name if you do have the great designation and say, hey, nice job. Yeah, right. So those things are always important to look at it. And you can be have a very specific form of attack on what type of continuing education you take. You can just like get it done. So I happen to be the type of guy that’s like let me get it done as fast as I can. I’m not really worried about the topic. I just want to, like, get it done and check it off, because that’s not really my source of education for real estate. I feel I personally learned different. So you have to do kind of what works best for you. Right. So some of the things that I saw over the weekend, maybe it was last weekend that you were utilizing, is you were continuing to learn on things like how to switch the AC from air conditioner to heater when when I was when I was away. Right. And you found that on YouTube and then you were able to figure that out.

 And that’s that’s actually kind of cool, right?

So you’re always learning there and you have the opportunity to to be impressed with the problem and then to solve it on your own and be a self learner. So self learners are important. We also see that same type of thing. If you run across a contract and you don’t know exactly what to do or you’re looking for some solutions there, maybe you ask for another contract to be sent over or shared with you from Stacey on a similar buyer or seller in one of those different things. And you can look at it, right. So you can ask for the all those different assistance and some things get sent over to you and like, you can learn it. So you’re eventually going to have as a buyer, you’re going to have a seller, you’re going to have each of these different things that go on. You can see how they’re filled out. You can ask you can look into it like, why did this happen here? Right. And if you spent a little bit of time studying what happened in the past on something, then you’ll kind of know it. When the future comes around, it becomes your model. Sure.

That I always, you know, encouraged if you’re if you’re new to the business, to, you know, do a dummy contract. So, you know, sign your husband up to buy a house and go through the process and, you know, or your kids or a friend, but go through that. So when you do have a salary, when you do have a deal that you’re not, like, panicked, what do I do?

You know, how do I fill this out? You know, be prepared I think is important.

Yeah. And there’s a bunch of addendums and then sometimes you don’t have, like, the password to get logged in and all those things. Right. So you’re kind of creating a pathway. So that’s learning and ensuring that you learned, you know, what’s being prepared and learning, but learning how to log in and what are the assets and like what are the steps that you have to do. Right. Those are all types of learnings. And in the beginning, you did a bunch of different learning with other brokers, because at the time the Internet wasn’t a thing. It was really weird. So out there, we are so old. So when the dinosaurs took legal. Yeah, there is no Internet. No, it really wasn’t a thing like I don’t even know if Google is a thing like Ask Jeeves was probably. Yes. You were always like I was always asking for e-mails. Yeah. So I just asked you to chat and chat in. If you have asked Jeeves any questions recently, is Jeeves still around or Jeeves might have. I have no idea. I have no idea what happened with that gentleman in particular. But so you couldn’t ask a lot of questions on the Internet any before, and there wasn’t that repository of knowledge. So with things like encyclopedias and those were published and then set that I had was like thirty five years outdated. Do they still have this? I’m sure I think it’s called Wikipedia. No, they moved it to the Internet and became crowdsourced. And anyways. But talk about how you used to take classes with other brokers and why.

Well, I would reach out and find out because we were independent.

I needed to kind of understand what all these other why are there so many brokers out there and what do they offer? And, you know, just trying to learn so would find out who the the head broker for a particular company was in our area. And I reach out to them and ask if there’s any learning opportunities and you’ll find, you know, and I did that for, you know, the big companies, Remax and Kellar and Ebbie and different people. And it really helped me to understand, like the business and then how they were different. So, you know, I took some things. I thought, you know, that’s kind of our style and how we feel about certain ways to do the business. And then there were things that kind of didn’t, like, resonate with me and didn’t seem like something that would be our style. So we kind of took all of that and, you know, put it into our own way of doing things and our beliefs and, you know, and that’s kind of how we started.

And we’ve definitely pass it on as well. So we talked about how you can attend places with other people. We also have the same collaborative learning environment here with us as well on TNT each morning. So you this is now live on YouTube and so other people can subscribe. If you have friends that are at other brokerages and you think like, hey, you could use a little bit more education, right? So maybe you’re working with an agent that you think on the other side as you like. Hmm. Maybe it would be nice if that person had a little bit more training than you can offer them free training every Monday through Friday at 9:45 a.m. Central Time.

And they could just follow the channel and they’ll get it every single day. If you think that’s helpful, totally send anyone over. We’re always looking to help and be more collaborative and continue to help people to learn. And then there’s all the new school things that have come in that you can absolutely do with the Web, with YouTube, with books, with TNT, with other brokerages, with training, with certificate’s. There’s all types of continuing education that. You can always do to continue to learn and to get better, and you can always ask another person, it’s currently working. Yeah, you can talk with us like there’s all those things that go on each. I think you have to always be learning, like you said. And, you know, understanding the new trends. Our business changes fast, right? It’s always changing. And so you have to be on top of it and know what’s going on everywhere. And I think, ah, you know, I love that our agents feel comfortable to come to us and and say, hey, I heard this, you know, and, you know, they might just give us a little tidbit of information and we’ll research it and and learn about it and see if it’s something relevant that we should share. So I love that they do that.

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