Altamura Estates in McKinney – Hey there, I’m Mike, I’m Shana, Real Estate Brokers and co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate in Frisco, Texas. And we’re going to discuss Altamira Estates in McKinney. Where is that followed? Tom Ridge? Yeah, it is north of Virginia, north of Virginia and south of 380. Kind of like equidistant in there. If I was just kind of putting it on there.

Don’t want to throw it on a map. Just pretty small. It is a little bit smaller. So let’s go ahead and split the screen, if you don’t mind, and show off some of the stuff within there. And I’ll tell you why I like it and what’s interesting about it.

Altamura Estates

So let’s first start with Altamura Estates and see what’s going on here. And they have a nice entrance here, so let me get to this spot that I kind of liked. I’m in the wrong spot to start with. Let me refresh. Perfect. That’s where I wanted to start. So this is all Timyra estates. And it’s really nice, it is very nice what I like about it, it’s a small gated community. I believe there’s five properties in here, only five, only five right off the road. It has this nice cul de sac turn around. I have learned that this is so that the fire truck can come in and make a complete turn around and that it is legal with this with the city of McKinney.

So it meets all their fire code. There is one gate and that’s the key to the cars to go in. Typically there needs to be two and other way around. Yeah. And then right here we have the walk entrance. But this is really well manicured and really nice and it’s right off the road. And then there are five homes, there’s five lots and two currently constructed properties that are on their third each, I don’t know, an acre ish plus or minus just a little bit.

But if you look, there’s a lot of, you know, trees and really pretty landscape and topography in there.

It’s really nice. And there’s a builder in there who, you know, I don’t know if he’s what he considers himself, so I don’t want to butcher it. Let me just say what I consider him to be. I believe he’s the developer. I believe he’s the builder. I believe his wife is the agent in there selling the properties for him. Yeah, just guessing. I don’t know.

All the guys are in McKinney or been around for a while.

Deborah Brown and his wife, and she’s been a realtor for a while and she’s very nice and does a lot of a lot of business so and so this is showing off the exact design where you come in right off the road, a minor cul de sac, the gate, a cul de sac within here to get to this, he’s got like a double cul de sac. Is this the world’s closest? He’s got two roundabouts, roundabouts, roundabouts. And so these are the the world’s closest to roundabouts that I have ever possibly seen.

And the properties here show the lots on them and what’s occupied, what’s pending and what’s available. So it does show that currently at this moment, there’s only one lot that’s available and the other two are pending. So this is pending. This is sold, occupied, occupied and available. So and there’s a little creek that runs in the back. He said something had to go on with a walk trail and they had to move it. And it was like complications. And there’s always stuff that goes on. Right. Well, let’s take a look and see kind of what’s going on within this.

Right. You have a high end client looking for something a little different, unique and special. Private. This is perfect.

I really like it. I do, too, and I feel the more we show off really cool things, the better off will be so that you can end up seeing them. We want you guys to be familiar with. Yeah, we definitely different builders and trends and. So these are just some of his design things that we’re just taking a look through so you can kind of see it, but knowing about these little things, because I can’t remember, I heard a number recently on the percentage of people where homes are above a certain price point and they’re like 95 percent in a gated community.

It’s like super high. And there’s no way that any little gated communities around right in. The thing that’s interesting to me about this one is theirs. They’re all the same price point. Mm hmm. And there’s only five of them. Mm hmm. That’s really cool.

You talk about a lot of different gated communities and all of a sudden they have. Where can you go and get that? Yeah, seclusion, right, and a lot of the different communities that I see around here who happen to have, let’s say, a price point like Helzer Kingswood is a classic example of that, that I that I question myself sometimes there’s a large custom homes that would be in this price point. Right. And then there’s also, I don’t know the exact word, traditional abduction production, I would call it on in the other side.

And there’s one gate you go in and there’s hundreds of homes. I don’t know the exact amount of them. And the ratio might be five production builds to one custom maybe. I don’t know. Yeah, possibly. I’m not sure that’s enough. It’s crazy, is it. Yeah. So they’re doing really well over there. But what happens is what I’m trying to do is help you. Let’s sell some more expensive real estate.

Let’s find some interesting and unique places. Take your clients and show them it is. Take yourself and show them. Yeah, take yourself over. You know, Michael Brown and say hello and say Mike said hi. Mike and Mike, Mike and Mike. Yes, right. So let’s take a look at that and let’s meet Mike Brown, so we’ll put that in here. So this is one of his properties here. Let’s go and share the screen. Why it would make it easier? Well, I guess I think of Deborah Brown. I’m just sharing some info on this people. Right. He’s a nice

guy. Yes. And if we’re taking a look at this, here are some properties that he’s currently that he has built like that water upstairs, covered, patio covered patio. Big fan of the patio. Let’s take a look. The next thing looks pretty cool. Why does this faci? So this one this, I believe, is on the. Kings, kings, like kings, like gated area.

So if you’re looking for a custom builder in our area, McKinney, I mean, he will go outside of our area as well, but he’s prominently and go ahead, Omkar in McKinney.

Right, OK. So, yeah, reach out to him. He’s a great custom builder. Very good. And so if we are scrolling through, there’s some more pictures here that you could take a look at. Some of them are extremely noteworthy. So let me grab that and show you some more. Oh, yeah. I don’t know what’s going on here. It looks like there’s a downstairs over here in that area. And Bam, that’s the one that you were talking about, right? That’s I think we went that’s the big ramp. It does white like.

Go ahead then and we’ll move on. We just haven’t had you take a quick look around that. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And let’s go sell some expensive property. Do it. Who’s up for the challenge in now, if you want to sell more expensive homes, hit the like button if you think Mike Brown’s pretty cool because he builds awesome properties. Yeah, we’ll give you those links there and they’ll be in the description right down here. So go ahead and take a look there and you’ll have all those links.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 2.4.21

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