Agents Use of Video Equipment – Hey there, my name is Mike Acquisto, I happen to be a real estate broker and we have a lot of super cool video equipment, if you would like to utilize that video equipment, specifically if you’re an agent here with us of Acquisto Real Estate, I want to let you know it’s here for you. We have this whole studio. If you haven’t seen the studio, it’s pretty darn cool. We’ve got a bunch of stuff. We’ve invested a lot of money. And we have a producer who logs in live with us every single day to record stuff.

Agent Use of Video Equipment

He puts words down below just like this. He gives you a cool background, is kind of like this when he makes you look like you’re in the middle of the ocean. Right. I don’t even know where this is. Probably somewhere. Maybe it’s Hawaii. Maybe it’s got those the houses in the background. Maybe it’s the Bahamas. So who knows where it is. But it’s a cool place to be in. If you would like to have a scene like this set up, we can handle that for you. So let’s kind of talk about when you could get this done. Let’s talk about how you can get it done.

Let’s talk about how much it cost and let’s give you some different examples of things you could do. All right. Those are all important things for you to understand. So when the best time to do this is when Mike and Shawna aren’t home, right? So why is that good for you? Well, because then you can take your time into it and then Omkar can be here for you and he can go through and you can record the stuff. It’s important that you prep for it. They have everything kind of lined out and you walk through the series. So if you want to record just one simple video, not a problem, jump in. If you want to put together a whole series of them, not a problem, jump in and go ahead and do that.

And like I said, the absolute best time is like pretty much right now. Right. So go ahead and send an email off to Omkar. Want to put his email down below for you so you can remember that it’s going to show up relatively soon. It’s going to be . So Omkar, we’ll chat in his email address right now so you guys can all get in touch with him and say, hey, Omkar, I’d love to schedule a time to do some videos with you while the Questors are away.

And so we will be back on Friday afternoon. So any time, probably the best time give you a little bit of time now to schedule is going to be for Thursday or Friday of this week. Right. So look at your schedule and see if you have some availability. It’s going to be best to do it probably right after TNT. Comcast can be here and be available for you will be broadcasting live from Bozeman this week. So as soon as we are done, then you can be here, be ready, be all logged in and you can be recording some stuff yourself. Then this content can get shared out there however you so desire. So this is all free equipment that we’ve we’ve invested in heavily and you can utilize it.

Right. So think about what you want to do. So what are some examples of what you could do? You could have short segments that you put out about any one of the topics we discussed. You can maybe discuss a topic that we’ve previously discussed and put your own spin on it and share it out. If you see there’s things that you’re speaking about often with clients, then maybe there’s a way to address it in your process. If you see maybe a shortcoming or a strength focus on one of those.

So if you have a shortcoming, you’re always kind of missing something each time, then record a video and make a part of your process, let it become included here in this section, and then you can have that automatically send out, if that’s important for you. We want you to work on these types of things. All of this is free for you, cost you absolutely nothing. We’re paying for the equipment or paying for the for the home or paying for all the lights and everything else. Right. It’s not a problem. We’re including it with what you do with us here at request or real estate.

So make sure that you do take advantage of it. Same with Comcast time. He’s getting compensated fully and he is a high, high pay rate gentleman. Right. So make sure that you do take advantage of that and all of his tremendous skills. You’ll broaden your horizons and what you can do right. And you’ll see how much better you can become. So enjoy the time. No charge. Come on over. Simply let Omkar know.

Let us know that you’ll be here. We want to make sure that we tell anyone that’s around so we don’t double book or just the kids know that something someone’s going to be around and we’ll just notify them. So possibly schedule that up for yourself for Thursday or Friday of this this week.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you do take advantage of it. If there’s multiple people wanting to take care of it, take advantage of at the same time, first one to get in touch with Omkar is going to be the one that gets a preferred time and the others will fall in line after him. Who doesn’t want to record something with the gentleman? That’s a live to you from the Soviet Union, right? I mean, just think about that. Have you ever done that before? It’s me. A first time for you. Possibly, but I’ve done it to it every single day. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re done. That’s it for that topic.

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