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Hey there, we’re going to start doing agent meetings on Wednesday. Yes, you’re kind of thinking yourself, wow, we used to do them on Tuesdays and we did them on Thursdays as well. So we had Tuesday, Thursday, and now we’re just bam right in the middle on Wednesday. And we kind of thought about it. What we had is we had too many people missing the ones on Tuesdays.

The reason for that that I was getting is because they’re going to have a media day. Right. And that was the most common thing we understand when we have people on Thursday. And we had less than perfect attendance on Thursday as well because people were getting ready for the weekend and like, oh, I’m busy. I’m going to have showings tomorrow and on Saturday and I have to do everything today and like, oh, it was hectic.

So then we went to Wednesday. So what we did is we had too few people that would show up for meetings on Tuesday at specific times and Thursdays at specific times. So we combined it all. One agent workshop on Wednesdays, only Wednesdays we had Our stage one on Meetings after it. It’s just the same as a Tuesday and Thursday, except it’s one day, like Mike said. So if you need to have a one on one and have that one on one time with us, they need to schedule it in advance and put it on our calendar and say, hey, I need ten minutes here. Right.

So and that’s going to be on Wednesday directly following this meeting. So Wednesday is going to be at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday. So make sure that you have that on your schedule. We did send it over. So if you previously declined it, maybe go back and accept it. So you have it on your schedule. This isn’t just this. No, no, it’s not. It’s like for a while it should be. We tried last. We tried it the other way, I think for roughly half a year.

We had twenty five meetings that way. Right. And so basically half a year and we saw attendance wasn’t exact where we needed it to be. And we were just investing a lot of time having separate meetings and not great attendance. So what we hope is by combining it, we have better attendance when everybody gets to see each other more. Right, because we don’t have a meeting for a workshop for just one person. We want to have the best show.

And I think the more that, you know, I’ve learned in these meetings, the more people we have on the better discussions that you do have. So if you have noticed that one of your fellow real estate family members is not on the meeting, why don’t you reach out to him and say, hey, you know, the meetings are now on Wednesdays and just help each other out and work on that attendance because it is nice to hear what everyone’s going through and in real life stories and experiences.

So, yeah, I’m excited to have that. So that’s why we’re doing it this week. We have Megan and Stacey at 10 a.m. today are going to be going over the listing process and reviewing that. Oh, wow. Yeah. So timely info will be helping us out. Logan was with us over the weekend in Montana and he had a bunch of reports that he did there. And then he came home and he’s like, wow, I have three media days on three on Tuesday. And he’s like two or three on Wednesdays. Yeah.

So Logan’s been super, super busy, so please help him out with that. I did have on Kahrizak. Whoa, sir, I’ve been getting a lot of these videos over like crazy, right? So I think we have eight of them this week, at least that I know of. So congratulations on getting some new listings. That is amazing. We’re happy to do that. And if you guys need anything else, if you see any signs you need or any writers that you’re missing or whatever that happens to be, just reach out directly to me and tell me, like we would need these new supplies

And let’s be thinking about those in advance. Yes, we in advance

Definitely take some time. You know, the whole world, it seems like, is in a shortage of labor workers. So things are always delayed.

So, yes, they are. So the whole idea behind this agent meeting moving to Wednesday is hopefully to get more interaction. Right, so that we have a specific time that we believe works better for everybody.

You guys can see each other. Yeah, I don’t know.
I think that’s cool. So Wednesdays became kind of a meeting day for us now. OK, so hopefully that works out a little bit better with your schedule and we want to have less meetings and more plan ahead.

So try to work around some of these things. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can. But knowing that this is when I have, you know, my office meetings, it’s once a week, I think there’s a good chance that you could work around it. So going forward and maybe Megan trying not to schedule media days directly at the same time. So if we can possibly help them, it’s just Wednesday at 10:00. So we should be able to just not have meeting days Wednesday morning. Right. And that should be totally fine. OK, there we go. I feel good about that. All right. So is it out?

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