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All right, you asked for it, will you and then everyone else there were all asking, like me need I need somebody.

I have some struggles sometimes that I can’t find certain things. It’s a little frustrating.  

Yeah, no, I totally, get it. So we have the agent portal, which is now released for you guys, so you’ll be able to see the agent portal. We’re going to quickly go over what that is. So we’re going to split the screen and share it. And I’m going to control the mouse once we get there and see what we can do to the stuff. And I really appreciate this.

Now it’s here. It is always the, you know, tweet. You guys can add what you need in here, but this is really the basis for what we’re doing this for what we’re doing.

So if you want to know how to access it, first is you’ll go to a and you’ll slide on down to the bottom and down at the bottom of the page. In the middle we have Agent Portal. So we just have this here. And then you’ll click on Inside that and there is a password.

So one time you’ll have to put the password in every six months or something like that. And she’s the password. All right. So just put her name in there lowercase and you should be fine to go ahead and access this and you’ll have that information in off you’ll go.

So inside here on the Links page, this is designed to be kind of your main portal where you have a whole bunch of things and you have access to. So here you’ll have access to the different zoom rooms for each one of us. So you can get there.

You’ll have how to schedule meetings for each one of these things, consultations, how to attend the agent weekly workshop when it is what times, how to get there. Right. And the pass notes. So all of the notes are there. The Wikipedia page, you’ll be able to access that for TNT and see things. Show me your listings. If you miss anything or the Dallas Morning meetings, you’ll have access to those.

Show me your listings is here with the Times and the links to get to everything, the notes and the individual thing, the one on ones. We have the exact time when those are if you’re wondering when those happen to be so, you’re able to jump on a one on one and how to schedule it and do that.

If you’re like, hey, I need to know if Sean is personally going to be available at this time and you could click on here or schedule will open and then you’ll be able to see when she is available or for myself as well. Right. If you’re needing the commission agreement, here’s access to the commission agreement so you can go there and review it any time anything. For sellers, scheduling the media day and adding some different things are going to be here.

This is going to be continuing to improve here. Nattrass and some things CCAR graphics to get directly to design vehicle. The Google your business page and creating one for yourself is here. So that’s something that you should have already done. We have a transcription service. Yeah, that’s an important one. The transcription service we use each day for TNT to do that lender verification systems in realtor verification systems. So you can do that profiles to get to all of your different profiles.

Your link is going to be right here. And when we click inside here on your name is going to be each one of the different profiles that you would have for the different places. So we’re going to make sure that we keep these nice and updated. You can always jump in there and continue to work on them for yourself and make sure that you have all of those all filled out as good as you can. Right.

So everybody has one there. Yeah, right. So go ahead and do that. And if there’s more, we need to add one. Always do that. So just send it over to Anand, center the link and say, hey, can we add this? If you need TNT Snapshot, those are going to be right here. Those are the thumbnails taken at the end canvas crealy inmind if you want to do some more learning and research.

Katie Lance social media. So there’s all types of learning there, Vimeo, all types of things related to Vimeo videos post. All types of things are in here. Newport homebuilders, there’s a quick introduction here on this page directly. You’ll see all types of things related to just Newport Homes. So this has a bunch of links. It’ll come in with key contact information schedules, learning materials and stuff that Amy will be finishing up there in the very near future.

Ntreis links directly to that zip forms, DocuSign, CCAR, all types of logging to get to merch store we did in enhance the printing resources. So first of all, printing you can get to directly. And then this is a secondary resource from the very Texas title and contact information if you want to have stuff printed yourself. Right. Client gifts we recently talked about and added to that lead based paint.

There’s some disclosure information in a page directly related to this that is linked. So there’s some information in here on lead based paint and disclosures that you need to get out. So a specific page for that dig digital signature completion page. So we’re working on enhancing when somebody signs the DocuSign and completes it, that we go here.

If you have any questions around friendship division in some of the things that are going on there? You can click inside here. This page is getting better and better all the time, thanks to Katie and what we’re doing there. We have all the different referral agreements from any different company. If you’re having a question on how does this referral agreement work or whatever, you can visit their website and you can look directly through a referral agreement.

And I know this is, you know, these referral partners. You know, they all I. I don’t want to dig into it, but it’ll be really nice to have those there, right? Yeah, so they change over a period of time and there’s a lot of things and it’s you know, sometimes people call me and ask me a question and they’re like, well, could you tell me if I have to do this with this referral?

And I’m like, I don’t know, on the spot, if oftenest is how many months for a referral and what we have to do and if it covers their brother and their mother versus there and they’re causing. You know what I mean? Those are things that I just don’t have absolutely no music services. So you can go in here and pick out some music for yourself and put it with a tract. Having a copyright issue.

Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. So you’ll be able to go in there. Bomb bomb, we have to separate out. That’s a separate service is not part of the music service. So separate that out and onboarding. I’m extremely excited to bring to you guys a much improved onboarding process. So as part of onboarding, we now have all of the process here, starting with zero. So it’s a great place to start with that.

The tech thing, how we go about doing that, subscribing to TNT, getting on to agent workshops, filling out your nine, jumping on show me your listings, doing some branding open houses and how we do that when agent dinner is on upload documents, how to do sample transactions and how to access your commission.

So these are all different items, all maybe want to see your policy and procedure manual and or your sphere of influence spreadsheet or your partners, see your individual pages, those things trying to continually make this better. A nice improvement is if you want to see stuff with Stacie’s weekly update list or whatever that happens to be, we have those that are starting to be put directly into the wiki. So you’re able to see the weekly update.

So you just click inside here and you’ll see Stacie’s weekly update. We don’t like to publish that directly to our Web page. So being able to click inside here is going to keep that a little bit. Private policy and procedure manual. If you need great reading material, then you can click on here and see what is the policy you’re about as it relates to this.

Yes, or can I not, you know, take a quick look there first. Mm hmm. If it’s not covered, then, of course, reach out. Definitely look into it, if it’s not addressed, then that’s a good time for us to do that as well.

Yeah, so most items should be in the policy and procedure manual, extremely boring, but relevant information. So you can click there and read through it. It’s like a lot of pages. And so that’s where that would be. Some people like directions and rules and all your rules are there.

There you go. All right, now, homebuyer resources, this is something that people can hand out to their clients and give them access to. So this is where we have our client resource books. So you can go in here and see all the stuff related to vendors and list of services, the connected knowledge listed here. We have all the different city links for the different different pages for them.

Chambers of Commerce are listed here, public schools, county sites, land loan information. Who’s a good land loan lender whose preferred lender for regular homes. How do we get homeowners insurance and what do we do there? Recreation websites. If people are needing to see the local sports teams where they can go shopping, youth sports and what’s going on there so we can consistently continue to add more things to this, the different schools. So there’s the links to each of the different school, ESD, country clubs and golf courses. So you can get to those directly

And maybe you guys as agents just kind of digging into this a little deeper kind of farm or handle a specific area. Right. Like we’re in Frisco. So maybe we want to take some of these resources and put it together and help design and design people put it together, and that’s part of our marketing individually. So, yeah, you know, just think about things like that, how you could you tie in your branding and take some of these resources and do

Some of the ideas. There’s a ton of stuff here. Right. So if you want to go over just country clubs in Frisco. Right. Or what’s going on in McKinney with those type of resources, if there’s something we’re missing, let’s continue.

Yes. You know, I like having you know, we talk about the way earlier, the highway links with traffic and and having, you know, how do you go and locate in way, you know, in. What do they charge just all these different things I think are really, really cool.

Ok, good. So we tried to make it where it was remotely visually appealing, but it still had a bunch of things right. So popular links, you can check all those out information for different cities, sightseeing, things to do around town. I fly. Right. So sometimes people are wondering, like, what can I do here?

So we kind of link to all those out, put in some hot spots that you can or hospitals that you can see colleges, WSO and we have the link to and please, if you know, if there’s something you can contribute like, hey, I didn’t see this on here, please send it in. Now, let’s make our resource guide much better.

Yeah. No, we want to be better each day for you guys. Right. That’s the idea. So we heard a lot of things where agents were asking specific questions in wanted better access and better clarity. And now you have it. So if you ask most times you shall receive. Yes, we try our best for you. Sometimes it takes

We aim to please.

Oh, we try we try to hear what you’re saying. And these are questions that had came up from from others. And we continue to try that totally.

I love that. So things covered client resources and the like. Kind of an ultimate Yank’s page for people onboarding covered and much more clear friendship division. A lot of questions answered there and continually building on it.

Quick access to the policy and procedure manual and commission’s clarity on Newport homes and related things, their internal documents that our company are also available for you in all behind a password.

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