Agent pages – I’m Mike, I’m a real estate broker and we’re going to talk about your real estate pages with Acquisto Real Estate. Let’s split the screen and show off some really good ones.

So here to Acquisto Real Estate. We provide each agent with an agent page and they’re able to put different items on there, all about them, who they are and what’s going on. So as I scroll down here, we’re chatting in and we’ll put this link for you.

But this is going to be Lisa.

So Lisa is going to show off some pictures down below. And I really like the use of pictures that Lisa’s chosen here. I’m going to go ahead and take control of the mouse for just a moment and show you some of the things that I like about this. So I like that she no one included a bunch of different items about herself.

çWhat I’m able to find is in just a couple of glances, I’m able to see all about Lisa and who she happens to be. I’ll have the feeling that if I want to work with this person or if I wouldn’t, how I would relate to them in what’s going on.

She comes across as a really nice person and she has certain likes. So she likes chicken fried steak. So that’s pretty cool. And then she has friends, she has family, she has different things that go on within her life and then she has a real to her life. So we’ll be able to see that we have a bunch of other agents that have also completed theirs.

This would be really cool to go ahead and review every single one of them, but I chose not to at this time. I’m going to save that. So maybe go to, click on our family, click on each individual agent.

And if you’ve completed your page, then you’ll have a bunch of different photos here. Don’t forget to update those from time to time. We have that same method that you use to put the photos the first time that you can do each time. Just make sure that you alert Anna and we’ll get those pictures put in there for you.

Other items that could go in here, in addition to what Lisa provided here would be some stuff on social media. So maybe if I take a scroll up here and they go down, I we have a couple of people that have put some items in here that would be neat to  look at. So maybe I should go ahead and click on Jody.

You know, she put some of her items in here. And as we scroll down through here, she has testimonials. And this is something that she had customized. And it looks really, really nice.

But this is the same way that these testimonials are put in here. You could also do items related to maybe some social media posts that you’ve done in the past, if you liked those and saw how those came across. So you have a lot of flexibility in this space to be able to put these items in here for people to know who you are and what you like to do.

Right. So go ahead and take a look at that if you completed it. Thank you very much. If you have not, then those are things that you still can make sure that you accomplish. But probably the most important item is to be true to who you happen to be. And that’s why I want this background back here, because that’s one of the things that I’m looking forward this summer accomplishing, not going off the list one more time and getting done.

So we’ll include probably a new picture, hopefully right. From like I don’t even know which side. It’s really tough. I don’t know why all the stuff’s backwards, but it’s like right here where my face is all over. That worked super hard to do in reverse. I guess it couldn’t be a good weather person. But anyways, now we’re done. Thank you.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.18.21

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