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Agent headshots in branding. I was looking around this weekend to try to find some good examples of this for you guys to be able to utilize. And I found one in particular that stood out to me that was done pretty well. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to chat that link in for you so you can see that.

And then we’re going to go ahead and share the screen and show you an example of this. So if we pull that up, then I will go ahead and show what it is. So this is a website, the art of her and this is a Denver real estate agent, and she has her headshots up here.

And she did a really good job. She did this all at once. And what I’m going to do is scroll through here and let you see some of the different examples. This is at one location where she had all of these individual headshots branding photos taken.

And I don’t know. It just really seemed like she did a very good job of posing and bringing the things and looking like, I don’t know if she was paying attention, but she wasn’t paying attention, but she was branding herself. And in all of them, she was wearing the same item so far, I believe.

Not really paying all that much attention, but it seemed to be a really good example showed outside inside all different examples of what was going on. And again, I feel she did a good job. She brought her camera or her her computer and just took a bunch of different pictures.

Just sitting there chilling, looking at the camera, not looking at the camera. I don’t know. Overall, I saw this and I was like, Wow, she just nailed a bunch of photos. I guess she did change. So she has on apparently an all white outfit now, and you can take a look and see if this seems to help you, as she’s maybe in an office setting type now outside again on the stairs because everyone needs a good stare shot, I suppose.

And a third third outfit for you chilling by the window. So anyways, ladies and gentlemen, you guys can take a look at what she had done here. She took like, I think about a thousand pictures during this one day and had a bunch all put together for her branding, and I feel it was a really well-done job.

So if you guys want. Go ahead and take a look through there. I wouldn’t think that you would need to do much more for something like this. If you wanted to go entry level, you could pretty much do something where it’s just you and another agent and going to a nice property and getting a bunch of those photos taken.

Take them this way. Take them that way, take them zoomed in, take them zoomed out, whatever it happens to be. But your cell phone cameras are really, really strong right now, and you can do some filtering and stuff on there. But if you look at what she’s done here and try to plan out what you might want to do, I think you’ll be able to hit on some pretty good things.

So that’s some agent branding and headshot ideas for you that you can execute on when you get some time. I won’t be the one going out directly with you, but you definitely could pair yourself up with another agent, get it all completed and have some good stuff for you.

Just capture a bunch when you go out. Thanks.

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