Agent Branding- Hey there, Mike Acquisto, real estate broker, co owner of Acquisto Real Estate. Let’s talk about your branding as an agent. OK, so we just talked about the real brand and how to utilize that brand. But I’m talking about your personal brand and what you should kind of be doing.

There’s a lot of things that you shouldn’t be doing, and one of those would be changing it frequently. Pick it, set it, forget it. It’s going to be totally fine. Just make it clean, make it simple, make it easy. Once you said at one time, touch it in a couple of years. Right. You’re going to want to look at those things at different times of the year. So the best times of the year to look at that is probably going to be when it’s a little bit slower and that’s going to be in the real estate off season.

So maybe that’s around Christmas time. Maybe it’s around the first of the year when you would look at that. So now is production time. So during production time, it’s great to roll with what you have. You can analyze that every off season if you want to. But during the productive real estate season, there are other things to be doing than worrying about your branding. So what I would do is just set it and forget it.

That’s probably the most important thing that goes along with it. But actually utilize it, put it in everything you do and identify yourself as that and what you what you’re trying to accomplish. So that would kind of be the best way to use your branding right now and realize that at different times you don’t need to work on it. So if you’re currently working on it, just finish it. Let’s move on and make sure that you put it everywhere. It’s all I got.

Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 3.18.21

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