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Sometimes there’s neighborly duties to do.

Yes, so yesterday we were out at our lake house and a neighbor came by and talked to us about a need that they have. And she said, You know, I know you’re in real estate and you guys have a bulletin board or something, you could put this on.

And I said, we don’t have a bulletin board, but tell me kind of, you know what your situation is? And she said, Well, I have an uncle and he’s diabetic and he’s sick and he needs to have surgery and he can’t because his he has he’s needs to take care of his dog.

So he’s a dog named Sheba and has had this dog for a long time, and it’s really difficult for him. So it’s important that you know that Sheba finds a really nice home to go to. So he feels comfortable with that, and then he can proceed with the medical needs that he currently is facing.

Well, let’s have Omkar show that off. Yes.

So if you guys know of anyone who is looking for a new best friend, then maybe this could work. So again, a German shepherd named Sheba. And she is a full-blooded German Shepherd female who is spayed.

So Sheba has. I don’t know what this says, oh, current on all vaccinations and preventions. Two and a half years old and weighs ninety five pounds, she’s shy but will warm up fast.

So I personally think German shepherds are great dogs. So yesterday our neighbor came over and I was talking to her about it and Mike overheard and he saw that I was taking this paper and he came over.

He was like, Oh yeah, no thanks. And you know, she was looking at him like, Wow, you can’t even help me. I don’t know that that’s what she was thinking, but I guessed and I said, No, I’m not adopting the dog.

Yeah, I was like, Well, we’re not adopting a dog right now.

Yeah, he thought it was us. But no, it’s not. But this is, you know, be a good neighbor. There’s all kinds of needs out there, and I took the time to listen to her and she’s extremely thankful and grateful and was texting me this morning like, I can’t thank you enough.

Nobody else really took the time to hear the story and pay attention to me, and I’m really thankful to have you guys as neighbors, and I thought that was really nice and it kind of hit me that, you know, a lot of times in passing, we’ll we’ll say that can I help you?

And sometimes they’re hollow, right? They’re hollow?

Asks. I’m really taking the time to listen and help her out. And I think you guys, we should all be doing things like that.

You know, this is kind of your neighborly duties, and you can do this for your clients and for your family and friends and just just be that good person.

It costs nothing to do this, and all we’re doing is sharing, right? So anyway, if you know of anybody that may be interested in adopting a dog already passed the puppy phase two and a half years old, a German shepherd been very well cared for. Then let us know and we can.

It’s local, right? It is local. It’s in McKinney. So if you know of anyone, let me know and we’ll share that information with you.

But yeah, but yeah, she was talking about how the the the shelters right they have, they’re so full that they won’t take any more animals.

So he’s pretty much stuck and can’t, you know, he’s facing a lot of like. Medical needs that are immediate, and he can’t do them because he cares so much about Sheba

And sounds like a good thing to post on, maybe Facebook on, you know, Westerners chanting in here about next door that we can put that in there. So that does makes a lot of sense. There’s always a lot of good options, and sometimes people just don’t think about them because they’re nervous or they don’t know about them, right?

But the shelters are full, and I guess that’s an issue. Yeah. So nice job being a good neighbor and sharing that information, and it comes back to real estate because what it’s really about is, you know, if you want to earn somebody’s business over a period of time, then you have to do all these things beforehand.

I mean, I have them for that.

But yes, no. The reason we’re here on this is to talk to people about real estate, right? And how they can grow their real estate business. And it’s really about just being that good neighbor, whether it’s letting them borrow the tool or whatever that happens to be.

And this is just kind of female. While this is the equivalent Of that, yeah, and you know, it does feel it feels good to help one another. And she knew that we have know we’re around a lot of real estate agents.

So, you know, she utilized me as a resource. So that’s a good thing to write. A good resource for people. So anyway, there you go. Sounds good.

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