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All righty, guys, so you probably got an email from Shana the other day with some information on the adoptive family update, and I want to let you know that we did put a link directly on our website on where that can take place, on where you can where you can make that payment there. And we wanted to talk through it just a little bit, Shana.

So we’ve had several of you to go ahead and donate for this family. So, you know, we don’t we never ask for donations. This is one that we are that we are asking for. But this is a family that these this family is a first family. And I feel that they’re a very conservative family. So, you know, growing up where we are, it’s an affluent area. And we’ve got these 11 year old twin girls that when I looked at their their wish list for Christmas, it was very light.

If if that makes sense. There weren’t a lot of crazy things there that you might expect.

And, you know, I feel like with all of us donating, I, I sent out this message of 225 dollars each. We can totally tackle their whole entire list for both of them and maybe have something left over that we could help the family in some of their financial hurdles. So the parents didn’t ask for one single thing on the list. They just wanted their girls to have a special Christmas.

But I know that they have needs, too. So it would be very nice to also be able to give them, you know, pay some of these bills that they’re behind on and, you know, just just help out. I know that they have to have needs as well, so. Mm hmm. So several of you have already donated and we really appreciate it. So thank you very much. Now, if you’re in a position that you can’t donate, please don’t feel feel bad about that. It’s OK if you can’t give the whole amount, that’s OK to just give what you’re comfortable with and just know that this is a this is, you know, coming from our company. And we’re going to make sure that these girls have a nice Christmas. We’re going to talk about the shopping and wrapping at our training next week. But, you know, we have a deadline. I need to have all the money in by Friday so we kind of know where we are and know how we can proceed and what we’re able to do.

Ok, so we’ll take care of that. The length here. We just chat it in for you and we’ll show you directly on the Orquesta real estate website how you can go ahead and do that in the morning. I’ll come over. When it does get in, we’ll make sure that we tell you like, hey, we got it. So you actually know that’s it. And it’s been received. So what you’ll do is go to a real estate dotcom.

And when you get there, you’ll just I know it’s and I think I talked about it several times, but there I just love them. I feel like I’ve been talking with my mom, like, every day and it’s just cool. But there mirror their mirror, a special type of identical twins called mirrored twins. So one of them is left-handed, left dominant one’s right. So it’s just that it’s really interesting. I’ve never heard of of that type of identical twin, but.

So it’s a very nice thing we’re able to do. You would go to Acquisto Real Estate dotcom, click on the more button and under the more you would see the bottom down, there is going to be the one. And this will open up this link, I believe it says send money or make a payment. I can’t remember what we labeled it. This opens up to PayPal. It comes directly to us and it’ll be received. You can put your note in there will have exactly what it is and you should all be good. So thank you guys very much for helping out there. I think the good things do come around when you do good things yourself. So we just have to be able to do that. We’re good. Yeah, we’re good. Thank you.

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