Adopt a Family – Holidays

I want to talk about the holidays, the holidays are coming up and I thought it would be nice if all of us got together and adopted a family, you know, this year for the holidays. And, you know, I’ve done this with my broker groups in the past, and we typically will go to Frisco Family Services and talk to them and discuss, you know, the families that they’re aware of that are in need.

And, you know, it’s it’s providing them where they’re able to have a nice Christmas for their kids and fulfill some of the needs that they may have during this  difficult time that they’re going through.

So I would like to do that. I would like all of us to to do that. So I will go to the Frisco Family Services and talk to them about, you know, about that. But before we did that, I wanted to see if any of us know, if we know of a family, if you particularly are close or know of a family that is in a difficult situation this year, maybe they’ve lost their jobs.

You know, I heard of someone last year, their  home had burned and they didn’t you know, they lost everything in the home fire. So that was that was one family that  we helped last year. So if you know of anyone, please reach out to me and let me know and then let’s decide which family that we feel is is in the most need. So then we’ll get together and will shop for the gifts and we’ll wrap them and then we’ll we’ll get it delivered to them.

So I just think this time of year, you know, and in this year, it could be, you know, more so than other years with covid that maybe people got sick, maybe they lost their jobs, you know, different different situations. So I’m excited to do that this year. It’s very fulfilling and you know, it. The community needs to pull together and help one another. So that’s something we’re going to do this year. I think that in the next couple of weeks, we could identify who our family is and then be a little proactive on that as well.

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