Additive mindset, highly recommend. So there’s a couple of different types of mindsets you could have. You can have an addictive mindset or a scarcity mindset. And this is kind of a phenomenon that says something along the lines of. Is our resources like money finite?

And if I want that, I have to take it from you is kind of what the scarcity mindset says. So you end up being negative in those types of situations. So I tend to try to be is additive, as I can be to add to to get I believe, in the abundance mindset that you can have more if you want it and you try and you get it.

I don’t believe that I need to take it from somebody else to get it right. So it’s kind of a mindset and don’t worry about what anyone else has. Be happy, be proud for them, be happy for the amount of business they do, for the car they drive, for the spouse they have, for how the kids are for the job, whatever that is. Be happy for those other people genuinely. Right. And if you want some of those things, then go get them.

And that’s an additive mindset in doing that, you can become whomever you want to be, whether it’s in life, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in a relationship, whether it’s your health, whether it’s your spirituality, these are all things that are totally possible with an additive mindset. It’s kind of like the difference between the person who has a glass half full or a glass half empty mindset. And it’s just like you’re a pretty positive or a negative when you wake up each morning.

Are you like all this is going to be an awesome day? Or you’re like, Oh, I have so much to do. I’m like, never going to get everything done. So there’s just different ways to focus on these items and make small different shifts in what you’re doing to be aware of it. Now, you probably can’t change it all at once. You probably can’t always do it right.

But just focus on the fact that you can do what you want to do. This is America and it’s a great place to live. And we’re in an amazing time that we’re fortunate to be able to home office to do all these amazing things, and in fact, I think the word home followed by the office are two of the best words. I don’t know if it combines one of its hyphenate or like how that works, but it’s a spectacular, spectacular phrase, home office, and

I’m super happy for it. And those are different things that you should think about as being positive, having that additive in an abundance mindset and not worrying about what others have and trying to take it from them. Because you. Yes, you are amazing.

So it’s just me, like, I don’t know, Sean is gone. We had a nice day today. I think we talked about a lot of big picture things that we could kind of look at. Right. I kind of reminded people what was possible with dreaming big. We kind of talked about passing the price and adding this additive mindset. A lot of it was kind of attitude things today. And I hope you have a great attitude. I hope you woke up on the right side today.

I hope you have an amazing is today, Wednesday, Thursday. I don’t even know what day it is. And, you know, yesterday was a can’t stop, won’t stop Wednesday in today’s Thursday. Just be spectacular today. Right. Post something nice.

Do something great for your spouse. Like maybe make something special for your kids. The other day Sean was out of town and I don’t know why. I just felt like, I don’t know, like our kids maybe needed something since she was out of town and their adult children. And yes, they still live at the house. And I understand each of those different things. Right. But so I was just at the store and I was like, you know what? I’m going to make some cookies for the kids.

So what I did was I made like the simplest, easiest ones you could and whatever. So I don’t do my laundry, but I made cookies. And so what I did is I just bought, like, the pre made ones, like they’re all portioned and whatever. And so I bought them at the store and it’s like, hey, you can eat them before you bake. I’m like, that’s perfect. So I ate about half of them.

And then after that I made the rest of them, put them in the oven and then the smell and I called the kids down. I’m like, Hey, make cookies for you. It was just something that maybe I wouldn’t normally do, but I went a little bit above and beyond for the boys and they genuinely appreciated it. And I saw that it brought a smile on their face. So maybe today the challenges just bring a smile to somebody’s face.

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