Additional Required Education (SAE) 

Shana says everybody needs more SNL, yes, specific SAE.

Is your sales apprentice education? It’s a little bit more education that is required when you’re at your first renewal. So if you’re a new agent, but all of us have 18 hours of continuing education that we must take, and they have now implemented a new requirement that three of those hours must be contracts. Yay! So you have your legal one and two and now you have the three hours of contract. So that leaves one hour of choice of choice. So, yeah. So just so you know, so this is going to be implemented February 1st of twenty twenty one. So if you have a renewal that is on February 1st or after you will have this requirement. If, if not then you don’t yet. But if you have already taken your education and you have a February 2nd renewal or March renewal, you’re going to have to go back and take these three hours. It’s going to be required. So just so you know, that plan ahead, you know, we’ve got a link. I believe we’re going to chat.

And that shows you the link to Texas real estate dot com. And there’s the list of courses and where you can find these courses.

All right, we will put that in there. Yeah.

And I just can we get a thumb up right now if Shawna gets super excited about contracts in the same and I yeah. You guys get super excited talking about contracts. And it’s weird because I get hammered for being, like, all excited about like systems, processes, technology and all that stuff in real estate. Right. And it’s really, really funny. Shawna loves contracts.

And I think it’s a very simple thing that if you understand this is our business, if you understand if you understand the contract man, you are just so much better than the rest. It’s amazing how many even veteran agents send offers over and they’re filled out so haphazardly. And I just it just baffles me.

I appreciate you so much and I love the fact that you love contracts, real estate contracts. You don’t like other contracts, just real estate ones. Yeah, OK. No, it’s good. You know, all the contracts and the numbers in the pages, you’re like, no, it’s at the bottom of I mean, not at all like numbers.

And I mean I, I know the contract. I don’t necessarily you know, she totally does the form numbers on all of them but totally knows a lot and she  gets giddy about it.

So anyways, Sadie and you guys in you now have specific requirements. Yeah. January 1st. You make sure you plan ahead.

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