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This is the Acquisto Real Estate new updated website. And this not currently active, but this is a live preview for you. So you can see what the design is going to look like. Yeah.

So we’ve been very happy about how this is going. We’re going to be discussing this during our next agent workshops. And we wanted you guys to see a behind the scenes preview so that you could give any comments. We want to see and hear all from you. Yes, that is Shana. She’s been extremely patient with this whole process. She’s been investing a lot of money into this.

And now we have something to kind of show off. So we’re going to take it and go ahead and split the screen and show you guys what we have. All right, so over here, let me grab the mouse and kind of show you. So this page right here is the main property page for any one specific property. And up top, we have the price. Duly noted up here with the fact that it is for sale, the address, the MLS number and days on market. Then over here, we also have the beds, the bats, the square footage of the property.

And then over here we have the lot size. Then directly underneath where we are, we have the price per square foot and the year bill. So that shows there’s a lot of people that have been asking questions about your bill and want to have a home that is a certain age. OK, so that is one of the we we as realtors kind of cringe on that because we know that when it’s being appraised, they they are not looking at the price per foot. But a lot of people use that as a guide to understand where the market currently stands and what’s the average price per foot.

So, yeah, absolutely. The public then will be listing out the facts and features nearby schools, real estate professionals, so that we have them all listed here. And then we have the overview section as well. So these will happen next and so that we can click there, we’re trying to make that call to action extremely kind of in your face and stand out to email the agent, call the agent, schedule a tour or underneath here, submit an offer. So we’ll work through what each one of those would be to make it extremely easy.

Some people want to actually call email schedule, and we’re trying to make it extremely, extremely easy for people to go ahead and do so. We have our icons underneath here showing off everything that currently is going on with the property and giving you all the big major details on which one it is. So we’re trying to incorporate directional facing.

That’s what I hear about all the time. Yes. So I think we’ll be able to work that bad boy in there for you and hopefully that works out well. OK, then as we go over here and take a look, what we’re going to see next is we’re the interior features next year, including the room dimension’s up high.

What I did is move lower down. Most people put the overview section right up top. And what I feel is people don’t read. So I don’t know if anyone else has the same opinion as me, but I see a true lack of reading in America today. And I’m just thinking that they like more details along these lines. So it’s a little easier to see. We might even go more Iconix down here.

So that’s something that I’d like to discuss with you guys and get your input, if you like, more of the icons you like more of the text. So we’ll discuss that as we kind of go through it. Property details, construction details, utilities will each open up so that you can click on them. We’ll, of course, have the large property photo right over here with the other ones underneath the ability to click on floorplan and see that street view and 3D view as well.

That’s exciting. I like that you do, but I’m glad to hear that nearby schools. This is a nice graphic representation of the schools and what they have at right nearby them. So we’ll see this next showing the elementary, middle and high school. We do have an extra one for if there happens to be a fourth school that they happen to go to, whether it’s a junior or senior high. Yeah, junior and senior high or something along those lines. So it’s they’re trying to make it nice and graphical in presentation. So it pulls in all that information for you in the rating, the ratings right there too.

So you can kind of see that as well as how far away it is from you. And then we have the other nearby schools. So if they happen to want to see what competing schools are like, it’s kind of like nearby homes. So it’ll have all those others listed out on the list for you here. Then as we scroll down, we’re trying to make the real estate professional more a feature in a function of of what’s going on here, because maybe somebody connects. So the whole idea that we’ve been going through for a while now is we’ve been at each one of our listings, been taken photography of you as the agent.

So those photos will be the ones that are inserted here. OK, so it’s you in real estate looking here, being out there. I just took and put a couple in here of Shana so we could have it. So you can contact Shauna here. OK, so that will be rotating through and put in the agent’s information there. We do have finance professionals that will be listed here. The idea is we’re probably going to make them personalities as well so that they can see that.

So Brandon here, I guess it’s not Brandon, but it’s an example of a random Brandon and what it might be. And then we have the second letter directly underneath it. So we’ll do that in the same way so that if they personally connect with one of the people over another, in some people, the idea behind that is some people when they’re looking for a property, they’re looking to find the agent first. Some people look and do the financing first and kind of have that all online.

Or some people are like when I find the property, then I’ll select the agent and I’ll select the lender. So we’re just trying to make it easier for them to connect. The idea is that we lean on something and land somewhere nicer and closer to this so that they connect with you as the agent. More than just a headshot here. Yeah, OK, so that’s what we’re leaning towards there, that we have travel time. Yeah, I think that’s important to be marketing the agent.

Right. Kind of goes along with, you know, we, we want to brand them and I think it’s important for people to connect.  

Yeah. Travel time will be turned on or off. And as that happens, you’d be able to add in your destination on where you want to go to from the property. And I’ll tell you how far away it is from there. The overview that I pulled from the top and move that down here, I think that’s a little bit better place for it. We do have to list that it’s part of Ntreis and where it comes from and put the listing agent and the company in there. So we’re doing it and in the middle here.

So it doesn’t stand out quite as much. Has to be on the page somewhere. I think when it’s way at the bottom it feels like a floater. So I’m throwing it in the middle and it maybe even gets lost. So so be it. Last time that this item was checked, we’ll put when it was updated was one minute ago. I think we have it. So it updates every five minutes and it pulls all the real information down every five minutes.

So it’s used in agent updates and every five minutes it’ll be in their updated as it should be, as fast as you possibly can. City and neighborhood information will have the neighborhood stats on whatever the community happens to be.

So that would be the way the city, the zip and the demographics of that area in particular, shown in a nice graphical way, similar to up here with the schools. So we have that all designed and laid out for you. Then, in addition to that, will have some financing numbers on it, including cost and property tax values, the home value on what it is. So that has the numbers underneath it, the taxes and prices in similar homes. So if all of a sudden you want to get off searching and look at similar neighborhoods or ACOs or other things along those lines, those are all listed down at the bottom as you get down here.

This actually shows the actual property that you’re looking at and where it’s located. When open houses would be, you could click on there and start looking and seeing the price change if it was up or down. And in fact, if it’s a new listing, it’ll highlight it right here in line. And then as you scroll down, you’ll have other listings that will pop up and it changes where they happen to be located here. If you’re trying to compare it to other listings and then view more and it opens up.

Good stuff, lots of information, I mean, on that page alone, I don’t know what else they would be looking for. So once this rolls out, this will be great to share, to start sharing with your clients, to show them, you know, this adds a lot of value.

Yeah, we’re really trying to make sure it’s graphical and approach. We have three different views when they are searching and trying to narrow down each of the different items. So across this is the main search bar here. And they’ll be able to put in what all these features are that they’re kind of looking for with advanced features, having the most here. But there’s three different graphical representations of how they can view it. So the map view is currently the one selected here on this screen showing the six major items that were denoting here with beds.

That square footage, the lot size, the price per foot, your bill getting easy recognition, showing off where that property happens to be. See how it’s highlighted here and displayed over here with all the information on it. As you hover over this, it changes to which one is over here. Right. OK, so that’s a traditional map view. But I kind of like how we’re executing on that. And in addition to that, we are adding table view, table views, this sort feature where you can click up and down and sort by those same features that that we kind of have. In addition to that is days on market.

So we added days on market here so you can click and see how many days alternating colors so that it lines out. And then when you hover over it, it shows up over here and gives you the full information right up above it. When you click on it and select it, then you’ll go directly back here to the property specific page and see how it’s listed here. So that is table view. And then the list view is the third different view you could look at. And List View has all the properties listed out in a list showing how many pages are happen to be a dot, dot, dot showing you that there’s more.

So if you happen to be sorted by price than they would be here with the highest price here and then the lowest price way over here at the other end. So if you’re looking for in that regard, giving you a detail of how many properties total come in, these results down here showing one of 30 results would be shown on this page and there’d be if there’s four hundred and thirteen results there, there would also be four hundred results up here. But that’s just kind of.

That’s awesome. OK, so we’ll roll this out and show you guys and discuss more next week in our meetings. But this gives you a little sneak peek

And I do want input on it. So I want you guys to be critical. I want you to say what you really want and what you kind of need in there and give me all your opinions. I really do value the opinions. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at all these different Web sites to get inspiration from so that we can draw upon it and find what happens to be the best here. So if you’re looking around and you really like a feature function that you’ve seen elsewhere, then it’s possible that we could find a way to incorporate something similar, not exactly computer content, but find the same functionality and do it our way.

Yeah, I think this is great. It gives however you like to search. You know, people like to search in different ways. It gives all these options. Right. List view.

Yeah, it is. Yeah. Those three different views I think are kind of cool,

But they still get all that same information. So yeah. And I think it’s not confusing. Sometimes you start searching and you forget where you are and you try to go back and you get lost. But this is really good.

Yeah. The idea is that the property specific page goes ahead and opens up directly over it. So if you see behind is right where you left off, there’s an X over here and you would click on that and it closes right down and you’re right back where you were, the ability in the upper right hand corner. So you see the corner of this. That’s to heart it and save it, share and or print so that you can easily get to any one of those items.

Great job, Mike. You’ve been working on this for a long time and I’m very critical and give all kinds of feedback and. So thank you. Yes, hanging in there with And a shout out to for doing my job. Yes. To everyone else that works on it. Very, very appreciate. Captain Dave puts in a lot of time and effort here as well. And there’s just a tremendous amount of detail work that has to go into this. All the work behind the scenes that’s been already done is is super impressive.

So there’s been a lot of time spent on the database and moving forward, we’re super excited. We brought in some people to consult with us and there’s been a lot of investment, a lot of investment underlined to get to here. So, yes, I do look forward to seeing that it should be in the description. You can grab each of those different links and please, it is important that you get feedback now so that we get it exactly right. Later, later, not so good. OK.

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