Hello, hello, Mike Acquisto and Shana Acquisto, Real Estate Brokers and Co-owners with Acquisto Real Estate. And welcome to Aqcuisto Real Estate TV. Oh, TV, yeah. So video is important and we figured that we need to do a lot more video and get content out and share it with a bunch of people. So the people that this content is designed for is clients, whether it’s past, present and future clients who want to have them.

And it’s important that we have an open dialogue and communications so you guys can see and understand and look ahead and see what’s going on. So tons of videos for you, the agents. We have a lot of videos for agents, for people that work with us and for people that don’t like to get back to the industry. So you’re going to see a lot of that here. And we like to talk, I suppose. But no, but some video is important and it helps sell real estate much, much better.

OK, so what we have on a different playlist, so click down here and look through the playlist that would be most appropriate for you. That’s where we take videos and put them together so that they are in order so you can watch them. So if you’re buyer, go right through. So let’s go right through. First time home buyer, look for that one and go right through. Right. So all the playlists are there for you.

So are you saying this is all things real estate and it’s our own TV channel, which could be a drama category comedy, all of that because we have all of that in TV?

Definitely. So there’s can be different categories, different playlists and there’s a search feature. So hit the search feature and you can type some words in and you’ll find videos that would be most appropriate for you. Plus, this is free, complimentary included.

So we’re happy and excited for that. So go ahead and take some searches, enjoy your time and say yeah.

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