A Morning in the life of a Real Estate Broker: Shana Acquisto

A day or more specifically, a morning in the life of a real estate broker, that is Shana Acquisto, she’s a luxury real estate broker and she’s going to tell us what she does each morning. And the reason for that is so we can know kind of what good looks like.

Right. And we can understand what you could try to possibly emulate and, you know, maybe even give Shana a suggestion. So it really does go.

I’ll happy to hear your suggestions on how I could improve my morning.

Yeah, because I’ve had probably the same routine for many, many years.

So first off, the alarm rings at five a.m. and my and I get up at 5:00 a.m. this morning. I got up at 4:45. Because I was up since 3:30, I couldn’t go back to sleep, I had all these things I was thinking about. So five o’clock I get up, brush my teeth. Put on my workout clothes and deodorant, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, workout clothes, I’m out the door.

I like the deodorant. No, thank you.

So I plan ahead by having my bag and everything prepared. So all I have to do is grab and go

Because your husband’s still sleeping because I wake up at 8.

So I tiptoe around and I’m very quiet and I go work out. So I am going to yoga six now to work out and Hannah goes with me. We tend to go on the same days, so our classes start at five thirty if I don’t go to yoga six because they don’t offer five thirty classes every day, then I, we have, you know, workout equipment at home and I’ll do a couple of things here, but it’s not the same. So then after yoga I go through Starbucks. Yes.

Yes, she totally does.

I that’s just my treat. And so I go through Starbucks, get a coffee and then I come home and hop in the shower and get ready. And then I am while I’m getting ready, I’m also multitasking on my phone. So depending on when I get home, sometimes I’ll come home.

And that’s the time I kind of reach out on social media and comment and tag and and do different things on others, like past clients. Right. I feel like social media is a great way for you to reach out and stay connected with with past clients just by letting them know, oh, you know, she’s around.

Oh, she’s commenting on this. So she’s understanding what, you know, what I’m going through. And it’s I think it’s really important to do that. I think social media is great for that reason. Right. So then I get my shower and I think something that we that’s very key.

But we did this I mean, we’ve done this since the beginning of time is we get up, we shower and we dress for work. So even through the pandemic, right, when we heard all about the yoga pants that I’m not going to lie, yes, I wear yoga pants sometimes, but we dress for work.

We dress as if we’re having a high level appointment every day. And so, you know, I think that’s really important because the way it makes you feel like going to work, you feel productive. You know, I think about on the weekends, sometimes when I go work out, I come home and then I go to my computer and doing that, you just it just doesn’t feel right.

So that’s something that I think is a key to our success, is that we get up and get dressed like we’re going to work. So I come in, I look at my calendar because I plan ahead and I make sure that I, you know, tackle everything on my on my agenda, but that you do a great job of always looking at your schedule. You really do in the morning.

And she’ll remind me of things that I have as well. So we have schedule items, things I don’t like to be late. So I look at my calendar and prepare and make sure that I have everything I need for that day’s meetings.

And then you start TNT

And we start TNT and then we intend it and then we start our day. Yeah.

So that’s a morning in the life of a luxury real estate broker. That exciting. Well, no, but it’s about consistency, right. And we kind of have a few things opposite in the morning. So we see each other a little bit in the morning, but not a lot. Right. So we’ll talk for a couple of minutes.

But we basically have our schedules, so we’re slightly opposite and that you’re in the shower and then I’m in later going out and. Yeah, so it’s kind of switched just a little bit there. But one of the key things that I see in my morning is I have a little bit of time on the computer when before people start getting to me.

It doesn’t take as long to get ready as it does myself.

But you do the social media stuff, which is amazing right at that time, and then you have the time to do it. And then hopefully we’re able to put that away for the remainder of the day.

Yes. I don’t let it consume me. I deal with that morning and then we move on. And in passing, kind of when I’m coming out and you’re coming in to start getting ready yourself, we talk about our topics that we have for TNT and kind of just go through them again and you know, you’ll have your phone and you’ll have your phone in the bathroom when you’re getting ready, so you’ll see the topics on there, you click on it, you’ll just see, like, do you have them?

Do I have enough? And we’ll each put topics in and we have a bunch on these future topics list. So we’ll percolate some up to the top or somebody asks something specific, then we’ll get it covered and thrown in there.

Yeah. And so are you ready for the day?

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Episode Recorded Live on YouTube 8.9.21

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