A Discussion of National Realtor Stats

A discussion of the National Association of Realtors statistics that recently came out. We’re going to talk about different averages. How old is the average agent? What percent are female? What is the average income? How many transactions are people doing this and much more? So tell me some different things. Let’s let’s play some some kind of trivia.

Yeah. All right. Let’s do the average age used to be like 50.

Average age was 50.

Uh-huh. And there were more females than males in the business. I think that’s probably changed a little bit, really, and I believe that the average age is probably come down. Ok? The average income used to be forty thousand OK for a realtor. So. Wow.

I’m interested to see if John is just going straight in with some information. Well, thanks for hitting me with that. Well, we do have a link, so we’re in a chat that link in and then we’re going to go ahead and share the screen and quickly discuss it.

Yeah, maybe some. I don’t know the answer to this, so I’m interested to see myself now.

I definitely don’t know all the answers either, but we will have some different things here for you in just a second. So let’s take a look. Thank you for pulling this up home car. And let’s take a look as we scroll through this here. What we have is a quick discussion here of this is there.

This came out November of twenty twenty is the time where this came out, right? But I was just kind of looking through this and there was a lot of different things that kind of hit me. There’s one hundred and six thousand real estate brokerage firms in the United States.

So one hundred and six thousand brokerages. Right, OK. And then it talked about how many occupied housing units there are. And it was one hundred and nineteen million. Wow. Yeah.

Occupied housing units. But does that mean they own the home?

No, I’m not sure. Occupied housing units, I’m not sure. But let’s look at some statistics. All right. Right. So there are no let’s see members to date.

This isn’t who’s licensed. These are these are people who are actually realtors and belong to an association.  

Yeah. Like, I’m not a realtor, right? It is. I’m just a real estate broker licensed with the state. We don’t need to go into all those intricacies. One point five million as of July of twenty twenty one. So that’s very in at least 700 associations.

So there’s 50 states, right, if they’re all evenly dispersed. So what we would have is, you know, fifty two hundred per state ish somewhere that general general range. Yeah.

So there’s that many associations. Yeah. Fact check me there if you desire and let’s scroll down. We have a percentage of people that are agents versus brokers. Sixty eight percent are licensed sales agents, so sixty eight percent agents, 20 percent are brokers and 13 are broker associates,

Which we would love all of our agents to become a broker associate.

You know, I think that that’s an important distinction that people should do. We talk about that all the time that you as an agent, should continue to progress in your career as much as you possibly could, right?

And I do think that any time you can make any type of distinction in whom you are and stand aside from somebody else and separate yourself, that’s going to be a good thing, whether it’s a designation area or whether it happens to be your actual license type, so strongly encouraged everybody to get a broker associate license when you do qualify for that. Well, hey, I’ve got a lot of interesting things here. Let’s take a look here. All interesting.

Typical realtor is fifty or fifty four years old white female who attended college and is a homeowner. Wow. You were like, that’s pretty crazy. Are you like about as I’m about as typical as you can? Dario Typekit, 54 year old white female who attended college and is a homeowner.

Yeah. No. You look, you look like you’re forty four at the most. Sign up. Yeah. Sixty five percent of all realtors are female, and the median age of the Realtors is 52. So median an average are are different. And so 50 to the median female.

Sixty five percent. Thirty five male. I would have thought that the number was actually even more female than male. To me, it seems like it’s ninety 10, but that’s just me.

So median tenure at present firm, which means how long do you? There’s a typical realtor stay with their broker. Eight years. Mm hmm. Wait, is that fine? I’m sorry. Five years.

Now what we’re that is really skewed is because a lot of people you just started here at like zero or one. So I think people stay places for quite a long time is pretty much what that saying, right? Not a lot of turnover there, right?

Real estate experience eight years is the median time frame where people have been licensed. So you know, that will get skewed with a lot of people with one year. And a lot of people had been around for a long time. Go ahead with the next one, Shana. Those realtors work 35 hours per week in 2020

Thirty five hours.

So, hey, they’re considering it like full time, right? I mean, it’s not 40, but it’s really, really close. Yeah. Maybe they work three 12 hour days.

I would like to know those realtors who were working 35 hours a week. Yeah, that’d be cool doing something right.

The median gross income of realtors was 43 thousand in 2020. And it decreased from forty nine thousand in 2019, went up and then went back down. So this, I believe, is the market has been really strong and great for a lot of people and people get in it thinking it’s easy.

43 thousand average. So how are you compared to the average?

Yep, this is legit. You guys, just so you’re putting yourself into perspective. Um, so the median number of transactions sides in twenty twenty, so residential sides for all realtors. 10.

Ok, so they’re doing 10 transactions and then they break that down based on some different things education, some college bachelor’s degrees. Right. So it’s not a highly degreed field bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s is thirty two. And then we would add graduate associates, some college high school. Right.

So you’d have to add these numbers together to kind of come up with it. So it looks like, you know, almost at least 50 percent have college in some way, shape or form. So maybe typical real estate affiliation, so we can kind of go down here and see a little bit more.

So most of you are. Most realtors are independent contractors, not employees, right?

I don’t know what other is right because you’re either an independent contractor or an employee. So it’s really weird to be other.

Maybe the other know because they a computer. I don’t know what it is. It’s a computer. Yeah. So that’s cool. Good stats. No, I like that.

Well, there you go. So I hope you guys kind of enjoyed that.

I would take this link on car sharing and keep going through because it just, I don’t know. It’s nice to compare and see what others are doing because we don’t always know, we know what we do, but see how we match up to the. To the national average.

Yeah. So let’s see how everybody liked that topic, we’re going to have Omkar chat in a quick poll for you. You like the topic or you didn’t like the topic?

We’re going to be doing more polls because we want to hear from you. Yeah, from the right. And if you don’t be honest,

Yes, if you’re like. Forget that topic.

You can even say like topic socked and that’s fine chat in like, hey, that was a good topic. That was a bad topic. I’m OK. If we hear from you, then we can. We can customize it a little bit more. So don’t be afraid. Just be like super, super honest. But my topic sucked.

But you know, you might think it sucked. And then a month later, we’ve had people come back to us and say, You know what? It’s stuck in my mind. This like crazy topic that you had one time on TNT and then I was engaging with a with a client and it came up.

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